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Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's Summer School For Russian NHL'ers

Go get sacrificed! I don't subscribe to your religon!
Vladislav Tretiak

One of the more interesting items that I read on the Russian web sites yesterday was the announcement by Vladislav Tretiak, the head of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, of his plan to conduct a "training school" in the United States for Russian NHL players, "to discuss with the players the importance of their participation in the hockey life of their home country."

Tretiak, along with his partner, fellow hockey legend Slava Fetisov, is planning to invite forty Russian NHL players to Chicago for a week-long training session at the end of August, in an attempt to turn around the fortunes of the Russian National Team.

Tretiak is apparently fed up with the National Team's long string of failures in international tournaments lately, the most recent being at the IIHF World Championships in Latvia, where Russia fell two games shy of reaching the medal round. Alexander Ovechkin was the only NHL player to join the Russian squad in Latvia.

These were Tretiak's comments, as reported by the RIA:

"We are a united hockey family. It cannot be forgotten that our best players in the NHL are students of Russian sports schools, that they play for Russian hockey clubs before leaving for overseas, and that many of them return to finish their career in their native land. The main thing is that they are Russian citizens, and must be prepared at any moment to protect the honor of their country in Team Russia.

"It is neccessary for us to show respect for our compatriots who have achieved the highest results in the world of hockey."

In other words: if you can't honor your predecessors by winning gold just like they did, then all hell's gonna break loose.