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Friday, May 12, 2006

Pack Drop Game Five

How come whenever you see Satan in a video, it's always just some dork in a costume?
Martin Grenier squashes Simon "Turd" Ferguson

The Hartford Wolf Pack lost to the Portland Pirates in Portland on Thursday, 4-1, to fall behind in their best-of-seven Atlantic Division Finals playoff series, 3 games to 2. Zenon Konopka tallied 2 goals and an assist for Portland, and now has 9 goals and 10 assists in 11 playoff games this year. Konopka also has a 23-game points streak dating back to the regular season.

The Wolf Pack were whistled for 18 infractions in this game, good for 58 minutes in penalties, with Martin Grenier getting suspended afterwards by the AHL for two games "as a result of his actions in the game on Thursday". That's the generic official explanation, at least. The good news is, Grenier got sick of seeing Simon Ferguson constantly running into goalie Chris Holt (that's Holt on the ice, in the background of the photo above), and decided to do something about it. If you remember, Ferguson is the guy who practically took Holt's head off with a spear and a high stick in Game One of the series (Game, Blouses).

Game Six will be played in Portland on Sunday, with Game Seven scheduled for the Hartford Civic Center (you know-- a building that actually has lights and real bathrooms and everything) on Wednesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you don't mention, though, is how Grenier sucker punched Ferguson in the back of the head instead of fighting like a real man. Which is why he was suspended....

7/18/06, 10:35 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I didn't see the incident, and it may be so that Grenier took a cheap wack at Ferguson, though I'll bet he was trying to get Ferguson to drop the gloves.

What I did see, though, is Ferguson taking runs at Chris Holt the entire series, as he had just done in Game Five right before Grenier took a shot at him. I was also sitting just a few rows away when Ferguson, skating full-tilt towards the end boards in pursuit of the puck, jabbed his stick out at Chris Holt while Holt was looking elsewhere and speared Holt right in the throat, knocking Holt's helmet off in Game One.

So you can take a hike, about Ferguson being a "real man".

7/19/06, 8:06 PM


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