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Monday, June 26, 2006

Chubarov Stays Put

Life sucks, get a fucking helmet, okay?
Artem Chubarov (#90) with Avangard last season, breaking
in against Lokomotiv's Steve Valiquette

When an item about former Canuck Artem Chubarov appeared earlier today in Sport Express, I figured it was relevant enough to post here. When I followed the story back to its North American source, though, it turned out to be a week-old story from the Vancouver Province.

Still, for the sake of our few Vancouver friends (most likely meaning Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed, Jason Schreurs, and no one else), I'll post it anyway:

With a new transfer agreement between the NHL and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation nearly completed -- and the rumour of an $11-million-US salary cap in the Russian Super League -- there was a chance that Artem Chubarov would return to the Canucks.

Not quite yet. Chubarov, 26, who turned down a $742,000 U.S. qualifying offer from Vancouver last summer to play for Avangard Omsk, has agreed to another deal there.

"The chances of him coming back are good, but it won't be next year," Canucks general manager Dave Nonis said Thursday. "He signed a contract that pays him pretty good money."

I feel much better now.


Anonymous alanah said...

Good grief. I spend so much effort IGNORING the Province, I didn't find out about this story til you saw it then reprinted it for me. (Thanks Brushback!) And PAY ATTENTION,

About this story: I miss Chubarov - the ONE guy on this team that was ever capable of winning a face-off... ever. (at least in the last 5 years.)

6/26/06, 10:24 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I spend so much effort IGNORING the Province

So, the Province is pretty much like Jeff Jacobs is to those of us around here, then.

6/26/06, 10:49 PM


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