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Monday, June 12, 2006

Danbury Trashers Suspend Operations

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This was just announced hours ago, on the UHL web site:

LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO June 12, 2006 - The United Hockey League (UHL) announced Monday that the Adirondack Frostbite and Danbury Trashers have suspended operations. The teams will not compete during the 2006-07 season.

"Both organizations made a business decision to not participate in the league for the upcoming season," stated Richard Brosal, UHL President/CEO. "The Frostbite were not able to secure a lease with the Glens Falls Civic Center. Without their closest geographical rival in the league, the Trashers made a financial decision to suspend their operations."

A draft will be conducted later this week to disperse the players from the 2005-06 final rosters of both clubs.

Obviously, the "closest geographical rival" excuse makes for a prettier press release than "facing the possibility of having its assets frozen while the team's owner awaits trial on racketeering charges."