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Friday, June 30, 2006

Fargin' Ice-Hole

I went to an audition the other day, they were casting 13 people to be clouds. 14 people showed up, it was overcast

Vermont inventor creates backyard Zamboni

East Montpelier, Vt. (AP) June 28, 2006 - Damian Renzello has created the ultimate outdoor backyard dream machine for ice lovers — the backyard Zamboni.

He has mounted a snow blower on the front of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, added an ice scraper blade underneath and mounted a water tank connected to pipes and hoses that lays down a film of water to create a glass-like finish to outdoor ice.

Called the Bambini Revolution, the machine will sell for about $30,000 to outdoor ice skating enthusiasts.

And he notes the Bambini is an all-purpose machine. It can serve as a snowblower to clear a driveway, it can mow a lawn in summer and it can spread liquid fertilizer from its tank.

There's no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting

As long as it doesn't explode and set your place on fire, then I guess you're all set.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch out there is some guy online jumping on people's posts and claiming to have invented Porta Rinx LOL

I cant believe how slimey some people are BE CAREFUL there is this guy Renzelo in Vermont that claims to have invented the name Porta Rinx I only know about him because he jumped all over a post I made to a web discussion about porta rinx kits.

When I checked out this Renzello guys website he has this big "web warning" on his site claiming someone is "slandering" his product name and claiming he is the only porta rinx dealer on the planet and that he has been doing it for 10 years. What a joke!

I made a nice post regarding the prota rinx our family has been building since 1971 and this guy Renzelli from Montpeleir Vermont snaps back challenging my post.

We all just want to "Warn People" not to get ripped off and scammed by the Vermont USA company run by this Damien Renzelle. This guy did not "invent" porta rinx and it looks like he does nothing more than repackage the porta rinx PVC kit sold in magazines but this guy takes a 200 dollar rink and resells it for two thousand dollars!

Here is a real web warning I googled this guys name :"Damian J. Renzello" and I found this "Fraud Against the Government is Rampant in Vermont According to Court Documents" I hadnt read the whole thing but would guess this guy who claims to have invented porta rinx has been ripping off more than just your average hockey family claiming to have invented porta rinx The article says Renzello deliberately falsified some documents to defraud the Unted States Judicary! This has got to be the same joker that is postin stuff on my posts. The article also tells that Renzelo has been in many lawsuits and even said the Vermont Attorney General took action against him for "violation of the Consumer Fraud Act" and something about him having "deceived consumers".

Don't get taken by this Renzello character nor believe his posts. Just Google him and the name porta rinx and you will find many companies sellling the same rinx for thousands of dollars less.

If anyone wants help building their own porta rinx just email me I am more than happy to help.

10/2/07, 11:06 AM

Anonymous Damian Renzello said...

FYI - This guy is slandering my good name and business. Do not believe his hype, he is full of nothing but BS, check out my web site check out waybackmachine, my web site goes back almost 7 years, you can also check out my letters from past customers, as well as news articles from almost 11 years ago, here is a direct link to my web site,
I started from nothing 11 years ago, it is a sin for this so called David Black to be slandering my good name and business, I have worked 10, going 11 hard years building my Porta-Rinx name and buisness, David you are the slime bag! May the good lord repay you ... 10 times fold, so let it be written so let the 10 time fold begin!
To the rest of you, have a safe and fun ice skating season, enjoy the holidays,
PS Brushback when you get a minute give me a call regarding these comments made by David Black 802 479-1880 Thank you, Sincerely yours, Damian J. Renzello Inventor/Entrepreneur

11/21/07, 9:59 PM


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