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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thank God And Greyhound He's Gone

I got drunk in Canada. I was there for 2 days but I was drunk there for 4 days. I guess it was with the time difference or something

"Rod Brind'Amour scored off a fluky mistake with 31.1 seconds left after Edmonton's backup goalie botched an exchange behind the net, and the Hurricanes beat the Oilers 5-4 Monday night.

With overtime looming, Conklin went behind the net to play the puck on a seemingly routine play. But he appeared to cross up teammate Jason Smith with a backhanded pass, the puck deflecting off Smith's stick and sliding in front of an open net.

Brind'Amour scored his second goal of the night -- and he'll never get an easier one. Smith dove in a futile attempt to knock the puck away and Conklin was still coming around from behind the net when it crossed the line." -AP story

With Jussi Markkanen in net, the Oilers aren't faring any better in Game Two, currently down 3-0 after two periods.

Conklin's mis-play on Monday night, along with someone's comment on another blog saying "These aren't goalies from the AHL we're talking about", reminded me that Conklin did play in the AHL this year-- with the Hartford Wolf Pack, no less, on a 2-game rehab stint.

Wolf Pack fans couldn't wait for him to leave town then, either:

(from Pack Conked by Phantoms, 3-2 - Dec. 11 '05)

"One of the memories that Conklin will leave for Wolf Pack fans of his two-day conditioning stint in Hartford will be his misadventures while handling the puck. His mind shuts down whenever there's a loose puck to play in front of him. At one point during the game Conklin made a save and looked as if he was going to drop the puck back to one of his defensemen who was skating out from behind the net. Then Conklin changed his mind mid-drop, deciding instead to try to clear the puck up ice out of the zone and sending a fluttering pass right to a Phantoms player, leading to a shot on goal. More than a few times this weekend Conklin left the net unattended in order to play loose pucks that he would've been better off not bothering with, including in the Springfield game where he had to make a head-first dive in order to cover up the puck because he had roamed too far out of the net; and then in last night's game, skating out all the way to the blue line to play the puck along the left boards when there were 3 or 4 other players in the area."

Could Conklin be the worst goalie to ever don pads?