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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Andrei Nazarov calls it quits

Jay-walking? What, do you want to see my walker's license? What are you going to do? Impound my shoes?
Andrei Nazarov, Avangard Omsk '04-'05

Andrei Nazarov, the best (and, perhaps, only) Russian-born enforcer in the history of the NHL, has decided to retire. Nazarov, who appeared in 573 NHL games, tallying 124 points (53g, 71a) and 1409 PIMs over a 15-year career, made the announcement on the Sport Express web site earlier today:

"The road to the NHL seems closed, after a number of statements of mine in Sport Express that were critical of the NHL, and to chase 20-year-old players in the Russian League doesn't interest me. Therefore, in spite of offers from Traktor-- in my hometown of Chelyabinsk-- and Khimik, for which I am grateful, I have decided to hang them up and return to the family business."

Though I have no idea what the "family business" might be, I (for one) am hoping that Nazarov continues to voice his opinion in the Russian media, despite his belief that that's what cost him his North American career. As typing "Andrei Nazarov" in the search field at the top of this blog will begin to show you, Nazarov is always good for an entertaining quote or two.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The family business is Nazarov vodka believe it or not! Good luck Nazzy

7/17/06, 8:02 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Thanks for the info!

Yeah, I found out from reading a another story a few days later (in which Nazarov says that "99% of the enforcers in the NHL use steroids") that the family business involves "the steel and mining industries, vodka, and farming."

7/18/06, 12:46 AM


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