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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baseball Players Are Funny Packers

Pick this crap up before I slap the shine off your head!
Todd Jones and his only pair of underwear

From the Associated Press and CBS Sportsline, July 27:

Shawn Green brings his own soap on every road trip. Mike Cameron never forgets his lavender linen spray and orange-scented spray for the room. Ichiro Suzuki depends on an electric massager that takes up nearly half his suitcase.

And then there's Detroit closer Todd Jones, who wears only one pair of underwear when the Tigers leave town.

"I don't pack any underwear," he said. "I wear it into the park, it gets washed every day and I wear it out of the park. I guess that's weird. I'm not proud of it, but I'm cutting down on space."

Green, Arizona's right fielder, has brought his own soap and dish on the road for several years.

"These guys are filthy. I don't want to share soap with them," he said. "I don't like germs. I've got germ issues."

San Francisco's Todd Greene purchased camouflage jock straps for his teammates during spring training, and says he wears his every day.

"I bought 20 of them. I like fatigues," Greene said with a grin. "I also take a fan everywhere I go for the noise. It helps me sleep. I don't like going to sleep in silence. And I bring a pillow."

The Giants' medical staff packs a half-dozen trunks full of everything the team might need - from weights and wine corks used for applying eye black, super glue, shoelaces and Velcro to sunscreen, safety pins, and the cooking spray Moises Alou uses to clean mud off his cleats between innings.

"We can open our own nail salon," said strength and conditioning coach Ben Potenziano.

The Giants' Mark Sweeney has seen some strange stuff over the years. His friend, Robert Fick of the Nationals, brings his own blanket.

"He refuses to sleep on their blankets," Sweeney said. "I'm not quirky with that stuff. I'm just quirky on the field."

Suzuki has a special pillow from his native Japan made from buckwheat, and his self-massage machine. He has been bringing along his own pillow for 15 years, since his early days as a pro back home.

"My pillow is very important," he said through an interpreter. "Depending on the person, the size of the pillow is different for health reasons. In Japan, they checked my size."

He also relies on a five-knob hand-held massager to rub down the bottoms of his feet before and after games - a longtime ritual for Seattle's star leadoff hitter.

"The bottom of your feet are very important," Suzuki said. "There's a saying in Japan that the bottom of your feet are like your heart."


Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Aha. The old using noise to sleep trick. Seems you've heard that one before, Brush.

7/28/06, 1:33 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I can see needing some kind of noisemaker to help get to sleep. I've used a fan in the room-- even in the wintertime, when there's no noise from the air conditioner.

The lavender spray, though, I can't quite relate to.

7/28/06, 6:35 PM


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