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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Canadiens sign Mikhail Grabovsky

At what age do you tell a highway it was adopted?
Mikhail Grabovsky with Neftekhimik ("Russian Oilers")

The Russian radio station "Маяк" is reporting that Mikhail Grabovsky has signed with the Montreal Canadiens, according to a news item that appeared several hours ago on the Sport Express web site.

The report gives no details, only a brief statement that reads, "Belarussian forward Mikhail Grabovsky, who played last year for Dynamo Moscow, has signed a contract with the Montreal Canadiens and will move on to a career in the National Hockey League."

The identical statement has also been posted on the Dynamo Moscow web site.

For more on Grabovsky's previous international and Russian Super League experience, as well as a link to his scouting profile on Russian Prospects, go to Montreal to sign Mikhail Grabovsky (5/14/06), which is when Grabovsky's deal with the Canadiens was first announced as being imminent.

UPDATE 7/7/06 - Russian Prospects is reporting that Grabovsky has signed a three-year deal with the Canadiens. It's said to be a two-way contract, which means that Grabovsky will earn a different salary depending upon if he's in the NHL or the minors, and also makes sending down/calling up easier.

UPDATE 7/9/06 - From Pat Hickey's column in the Montreal Gazette, titled "Grabovsky could don CH soon" (link found through a pointer on a Hockey's Future message board thread):

"Expect an announcement next week that Mikhail Grabovsky has signed a three-year deal. The 22-year-old from Belarus has had three solid years in the Russian Super League... Look for him to start the season in Hamilton."

UPDATE 7/11/06 - The Grabovsky signing was made official yesterday, on both the Canadiens web site, and by The Hockey News. He signed a two-year deal.

Oh, and he's "Grabovski" now, so go figure.

UPDATE 7/13/06 -Not so fast-- Grabovsky has stated that he hasn't actually put pen to paper yet, in an interview that he gave to a Minsk newspaper, "Прессбол" (Pressbol):

(Source: Sport Express) "The Montreal club has sent a package of documents, which I am awaiting. It is, in my interests, necessary to discuss some of the details with my agents. Hopefully, not too much time will be spent on these formalities, and I will sign the contract soon. In the meantime, I will begin training for the upcoming season with the Minsk junior team, with whom I intend to leave for Finland (for training camp). It is possible that I will also play in a tournament in Belarus."

I think the part about not actually signing the contract yet is just nit-picking, in any case.


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I hope this is true..

7/6/06, 9:54 PM

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Hey Spanky, good luck with the gym, by the way.

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