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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rangers Contact Guerin

Fuck Henry Rollins-- always tryin' to scare people with his neck and shit! I'll take that motherfucker on any day, you can tell him I said that too!

The following paragraph was buried at the bottom of a larger article on Patrik Elias, written by John Dellapina of the NY Daily News:

The New York Rangers reached out Saturday to winger Bill Guerin, who was waived Friday by Dallas. "I obviously have some interest in New York," said Guerin, who began his career with the Devils and whose wife comes from New Jersey.

Guerin has long been one of my favorite US-born players, but he's 35-years-old and had only 13 goals last season. Even though he could probably be had for cheap, I'm not sure how Guerin fits in on a team like the Rangers, who have some potentially good young forwards in their system who have earned a serious look from the big club this year-- Jarkko Immonen and Nigel Dawes, just to name a couple, plus I'm sure Brandon Dubinsky has moved his way up the list, too.


Anonymous G12 said...

What no Fedor Fedorov high on the fowards list?

7/3/06, 6:09 AM

Blogger Brushback said...


Lauri Korpikoski rounds out the top 4, though.

7/3/06, 11:00 AM

Blogger Brushback said...


No matter, as Guerin signed a one-year deal with the St. Louis Blues anyway.


7/4/06, 3:58 PM


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