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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rangers Fans Stay Up Typing For 2 Hours Straight

If my kid couldn't draw I'd make sure that my kitchen magnets didn't work

Blueshirt Bulletin just completed their first-ever "Rangers Fireworks Live" chat, something that they hope to turn into a once-a-month feature. Among those sitting in this time were Hockey Rodent, Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey, Blueshirt Bulletin's prospects guru Jess Rubinstein, and Mitch Beck of The Rangers' Review.

Almost 400 comments were posted during the two-hour chat, with the usual discussions about the Rangers' prospects (is Jessiman a bust, will Immonen and Dawes make the team this year), along with other stuff you maybe wouldn't expect, like Stefan Cherneski's name getting dropped, a discussion of Jake Taylor's skill level, the rumor that Martin Grenier might sign with the Canadiens' organization, and a prediction that Dale Purinton will become a coach with the Wolf Pack.

To read it all for yourself, click here.

UPDATE 7/5/06 - I'm pulling some of my favorite quotes from the chat, and putting them here. I'm not going to bother crediting the quotes to who said them, since you can find that out by reading the chat yourself.

"But in analyzing him not as a prospect but as a draft pick, Jessiman is already a failure -- not him, but the folks who made the mistake of drafting him 12th overall, passing up players who reached the NHL sooner and will be better players."

"I'm hearing that Gernander is defintely back. Schoney hasn't said what he is going to do yet. MY guess is that it's Gernander and Purinton behind the bench next year...I know it's nuts but hey it's a guess."

"Petruzalek told a Czech site last week that his agent is negotiating with the Rangers and that he hopes to spend the season in Hartford; otherwise, he will rejoin his Czech club."

"Purinton ...slow? Are you sure about that? I saw him recently lose a foot race to global warming."

"You're saying that Tyutin might be in Hartford if Richter shows promise in training camp??"

"Marc Staal is going to become an NHLer but not for a year or so. Let him get 20-25 minutes a night in Sudbury instead of less than 10 with the Rangers."


Anonymous G12 has a ice pick said...

What a bunch of douchebags and jerkoffs

7/5/06, 6:58 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

They do like that Mark Staal, though. Go figure.

The line about Purinton and global warming is just about the funniest thing I've read all week.

7/5/06, 8:47 PM


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