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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rumor spreads of Pavel Bure's return

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Pavel Bure

A report is said to have aired over Vancouver, B.C., radio station CKNW (980 AM) claiming that Pavel Bure is considering a return to the NHL, according to an item posted earlier today on the Sport Express web site. The item in Sport Express, which labels the radio report as being "extremely doubtful information", describes only a "source from Moscow" reporting to CKNW that Bure is in "active physical training" and is thinking about returning to the ice so that he can play for the Washington Capitals on the same line as Alexander Ovechkin.

In reaction to the rumor, Sport Express quotes Ovechkin as saying, "I've been told about a Canadian radio station and this fantasy, but there's a limit to everything! Personally, this is the first I've heard of any plans for Bure to play for the Capitals, and I strongly doubt them."

Ovechkin went on to say that he has never played in a game with Bure, and has only watched him as a spectator. The 35-year-old Bure, who has had numerous surgeries and hasn't played in two years, retired after the lockout and has since become the GM of the Russian Olympic hockey team.

UPDATE 7/24/06 - I just stumbled across this curious item, cached on a web site called It's dated 7/15/06 and attributed to, but I did a site search of and found no mention of it:

Reports out of Moscow, Russia says that 35 year old Pavel Bure has had successful knee surgery and is feeling healthy enough to make a comeback to the NHL. Bure has been working with a conditioning coach for the past 6 months and the timetable for his return could be as early as December. There are several confirmed reports that a number of NHL clubs have shown interest in the Russian Rocket. Among the teams vying to allure Bure include the Washington Capitals, Florida Panthers, and the Chicago Blackhawks. Contract negotiations are in the works, and reports are saying that the deal is worth approximately $3.6 million over 2 years. Capitals' superstar Alexander Ovechkin has reportedly said that it would be an honour to play alongside the best Russian to ever hit the ice. Pavel Bure last laced up the skates in the 2002-2003 NHL campaign where he compiled 19 goals and 30 points in 39 games.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would be nice to see, I think this next season is a now or never situation though judging from his age I don't think you would see him come back at 37 or 38 just to retire in a year or two afterwards.

7/26/06, 3:52 PM


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