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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wolf Pack roster takes shape

Look, Chex Mix, I've been to Prague-- I found the architecture trite
Jakub Petruzalek (Chris Rutsch photo)

An article in today's Hartford Courant, written by Bruce Berlet, goes a long way towards clearing up any lingering questions about what the Hartford Wolf Pack roster will look like this season. A number of rumored exits (Alexandre Giroux and Martin Grenier among them) have been confirmed, as has the status of most of the core of veterans from last year's squad.

Here's a quick summary:

Not qualified or not re-signed: Dale Purinton, Martin Grenier, Joe Rullier, Chad Wiseman, Alexander Giroux, Robert Gherson, Martin Sonnenberg, Brad Smyth, Colby Genoway

Signed on with other organizations: Colby Genoway (Anaheim/NHL), Alexandre Giroux (Washington/NHL), Chad Wiseman (Hershey/AHL), Martin Grenier (Philadelphia/NHL), Brad Smyth (Hamburg/GEL)

Players under contract with either the Wolf Pack or Rangers:

Forwards: Zdenek Bahensky, Dane Byers, Ryan Callahan, Nigel Dawes, Hugh Jessiman, Lauri Korpikoski, Rick Kozak, Lee Falardeau, Jarkko Immonen, Brandon Dubinsky, Bruce Graham, Dwight Helminen, Greg Moore, Craig Weller

Defensemen: Ivan Baranka, Marvin Degon, Daniel Girardi, Bryce Lampman, Dave Liffiton, Hannu Pikkarainen, Martin Richter, Thomas Pock, Jake Taylor

Goalies: Chris Holt, Al Montoya, Steve Valiquette, Miika Wiikman

Thankfully, alert gauchos were able to save the llama before it was swept into the blades of the turbine
Hannu Pikkarainen (#48)

Additional information from the article:

The Rangers did qualify defensemen Thomas Pock, a second-team All-Star with 15 goals and a team-high 46 assists in 67 games, and Bryce Lampman, who missed all but 11 games with a shoulder injury. The Rangers also signed former Pack goalie Steve Valiquette; defensemen Daniel Girardi, named to the all-rookie team after starting last season with Charlotte of the ECHL; and Martin Richter, who played 30 games with the Pack in 2000-02 before returning to his native Czech Republic.

The Wolf Pack re-signed defenseman Martin Degon and added forward Zdenek Bahensky, the Rangers' third-round pick in 2004, defenseman Hannu Pikkarainen and goalie Miika Wiikman.

Rangers prospects who have completed junior eligibility also could join the Pack.

The additions of Valiquette and Wiikman have fueled speculation that Al Montoya, the Rangers' No. 1 pick in 2004, could be traded to Detroit.

Jakub Petruzalek, the Rangers' 9th-round pick in 2004, hasn't signed yet, but I've read elsewhere that it's possible he will sign to play with the Wolf Pack this season.

The list of players who weren't retained from last year's team is made up of all big names (relative to the AHL), though no one on the list has been anything but a career minor-leaguer--save for Purinton, who has pretty much played himself out of a job anywhere. I didn't think that Brad Smyth was the Rangers' player to re-sign, since he was in Hartford on loan from Manchester, but it hardly matters now.

The Montoya situation will be an interesting one to watch, and since there's been no reports on his condition-- at least not that I've read-- I can only presume that he's recovered well enough from the separated shoulder (and numerous other injuries) that ended his season mere months ago.


Blogger Brushback said...


The report of Martin Grenier's signing with the Flyers started making the rounds last night and this morning.

The Flyers signed left wing Boyd Kane and three others to a one-year contracts yesterday. In addition to Kane, the Flyers signed center Daniel Corso, defenseman Martin Grenier and re-signed right wing Matt Ellison.

All four likely will start the season with the Phantoms.

Here's one of the links, out of a half-dozen that I found.

7/14/06, 11:58 AM

Blogger Brushback said...


The New York Rangers announced the re-signing of D Bryce Lampman today.

Link to NYR press release

7/18/06, 4:01 PM


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