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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yashin to begin pre-season in Russia

No, really, my socks match. They're the same thickness
Yashin (79, next to Jaromir Jagr, 68) with Yaroslavl in '04-'05

Four Russian NHL players-- Alexei Yashin of the New York Islanders, Dimitri Afanasenkov of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Aleksander Suglobov of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Vitaly Vishnevski of the Anaheim Ducks-- will begin preparing for the upcoming season by joining Lokomotiv Yaroslavl's pre-season training camp this week.

According to a report in Sport Express, Vishnevski is already training in Yaroslavl, while Yashin is due to arrive on Monday. A number of other NHL players, including the New York Rangers' Jaromir Jagr, have also said that they plan to begin their training with teams in the Russian Super League, where the season starts on September 7th, a month earlier than the NHL season.

We had really great seats. You could almost see the Angel of Death right behind Keith Richards
Vitaly Vishnevski (#5) of Khimik watches Alexei Kalyuzhny (#71) score for Omsk

Vishnevski, the hard-hitting defenseman and Russian Olympian who began his Russian pro career with Yaroslavl in '98-'99, was recently awarded a $1.55 million contract through arbitration, an award that the Ducks are said to be willing to walk away from.

UPDATE 7/31/06 - The Ducks and Vitaly Vishnevski agreed to terms on a one-year deal.


Blogger Brushback said...

A story about Jagr in the 8/1/06 edition of Sport Express says that Jagr "sends his regrets to Avangard", but that he won't be able to train with them as he had previously promised (back in April) because of a lingering injury, probably the one he suffered in the play-offs against the Devils.

Blueshirt Bulletin has an item today that suggests Jagr may have re-aggravated his injury playing soccer, of all things.

7/31/06, 6:10 PM


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