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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Defenders Want To Shorten Fences To Make Up For Boring Team

Dodd Stadium

Seeing as how the Connecticut Defenders are last in the Eastern League this year in batting (.231) and runs scored (380 in 117 games; the Akron Aeros' .276 and 557 runs lead the league), as well as in home runs (66) and attendance (2,613 per game), you can't fault them for considering almost anything to put more runs on the scoreboard and more fans in the seats.

Since affiliating themselves with a more exciting parent club seems out of the question (the Giants haven't developed an everyday position player from their farm system in more than ten years), the next best option appears to be shortening the fences.

From the Aug. 10th edition of The Day (reg req):

The San Francisco Giants asked its minor league affiliate, the Connecticut Defenders, to consider moving the fence at Dodd Stadium closer to home plate, so there could be more home runs and more fun.

Considering the high expense involved, including pulling out and resetting deep-seated wall supports, team General Manager Jim Beaudoin suggested moving the infield about 10 feet closer to the existing walls.

The city already plans to resod the entire playing field this fall. The new lease city officials signed with the Defenders requires the city to replace the playing surface at the end of the 2006 season.

A plan to re-name Dodd Stadium as Dick Putz Field, for publicity's sake, was abandoned when the team found out that name was already taken.