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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not So Fast There, Pilgrim

Russian Hockey Digest: "The fax cannot be accepted"

Metallurg's GM Gennady Velichkin, commenting on the fax Metallurg received from Malkin, says, "My lawyers told me that the copy was not good. Several lines in it are not readable, the whole paper was not written by Malkin 100%, and it seems that the signature might belong to Malkin himself. The lawyers are saying that this document is unacceptable. Even if we might assume that Malkin decided to ask for employment termination, then this has to be done legally correct. According to the law, Evgeni still has to work at least two full weeks-- but he has been absent for 5 days already."

In a separate interview to Zhizn Daily, Gennady Velichkin commented more on the fax: "When I told J.P. Barry that the notice is not readable and and cannot be accepted as a document, Mr. Barry answered, 'Then we will write another one, Mr. Velichkin, and there is nothing you can do about it.'"

"We had preliminary talks with some American lawyers. They will visit Russia shortly, and after that we will leave for the States. I will do everything to battle for the rights of our club and all of Russian hockey. They think they can steal our players, that all the hockey world works for the benefit of the NHL. They steal the future (of our hockey), make big money on our players, but those who trained the players receive nothing. Nothing will stop them until somebody teaches them."

Our sources close to Metallurg organization are telling that Velichkin received an okay from Metallurg owners to use the money allocated for Malkin's contract towards the legal expenses that may arise in case Malkin does not come back shortly.

Gennady Velichkin (Sport Express photo)

Gennady Velichkin again, from

"You don't have to be an expert to recognize that the paper isn't written by Malkin, but by a female using excessively calligraphic handwriting. In addition, judging by the old slavic style of lettering, it looks clearly like it was written by someone who is an emigrant (not a Russian native). But the main thing is that the signature doesn't match. Our team lawyer said that he cannot match this signature with the one that Malkin put on the new August 7th contract, and after our conversation he simply threw the rough forgery into the wastebasket."

I'm guessing that Mr. Velichkin's Calligraphy Handwriting Analysis manual neglects to explain the phrases, "splitting hairs" and "pissing in the wind".


Anonymous Bill & Ted said...

Velichkin, dude, it's over!

8/17/06, 11:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not even close

8/18/06, 1:47 PM


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