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Friday, August 04, 2006

You May Get All The Ladies But I Got My Shit Together

Ain't nuthin' but a "G" thang

I've been "tagged" by Alanah at Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed, indoctrinating me into the "Five Weird Things About You" chain-thingie for hockey bloggers that was started by Mike Chen. So don't blame me if I end up bending the rules a little bit, because remember-- you asked me first!

Portrait of the Author as a Pain-In-The-Ass

1) G. Gordon Liddy is my ideological twin. Swear-to-fucking-God!!!

2) While at home, I frequently use made-up words when I talk.

3) Give us your tired, your poor, your cheapest of cheap goals. In Game 6 of the 2002 semifinals between Roy's Colorado Avalanche and the archrival Detroit Red Wings, Roy made a nifty glove save on Steve Yzerman early in the match. Then, as was his wont, Roy added a grace note, brandishing his glove like it was Lady Liberty's torch. The problem: When the most winning goaltender in the history of the NHL raised his trapper to show the Wings and the world his swell save, the puck tumbled out and trickled into his own net.

Whoops-- wrong list.

3) I grew up in Maine, causing an abnormality that had me starting out life as a Boston Bruins fan. I got better!

4) In my not-so-secret punk rock past, I spent a chunk of my youth going to hardcore straight edge shows at clubs like the Anthrax and CBGB's. With some friends, I helped start a record label that put out a few of the earliest straight-edge records (bands like Underdog and Crippled Youth).

Some of this you can look up: the first record that I had pressed on my own, a compilation of Ct. bands, is listed on the Kill From The Heart web site. I'm also on the "thank you" list for the first Youth of Today 7".

5) Along with the records, I also published my own music zine for about 10 years. (What's a zine?) I changed the name of the zine a bunch of times, but the last 6 issues were all called "Brushback", which is where the nickname comes from (this was well before any of the web sites using the name Brushback emerged, so fuck 'em). I continued to have my own record label back then, called Sidearm-- which is where Sidearm Delivery comes from.

You used to be able to order copies of Brushback on-line, through places like Tower, See Hear, Quimby's, and Atomic. All that's left now, though, is this since-deleted page from the Atomic on-line catalog, which lists Brushback as a "suggested item" for people buying an inferior punk-rock-and-baseball zine called Chin Music. They also list Go Metric! zine, which is an awesome zine that Mike Faloon from Zisk still puts out.

Also, somewhere in the Jersey Beat archives, you might be able to find this write-up about me that was written by Jim Testa:

"The James Thurber of the indie underground, penning acid-tongued cartoon barbs that skewered the pretentious and self-important bilbos of the pig-fucker* elite... unleashing the unparalleled wit and incisive social commentary for which he was known."

Doesn't really sound too much like me anymore, does it... but that's enough-- you people know way too much now.

*"pig fucker" was an epithet coined by Village Voice rock critic Robert Christgau to describe '80s bands like Sonic Youth and Big Black, which he didn't like. He's dead now, isn't he?

As a companion to my "Five Weird Things About Me" list, I offer the Five Weirdest Posts from Sidearm Delivery:

An early one

On the day Frank Perdue died

Summer '05 entertainment guide

On the day Bob Denver died

This band name sucks

Just in case anyone feels disturbed after reading all of this crap, I offer this bit of soothing re-assurance from The Nonist's classic public-service pamphlet about Blog Depression:

I don't know hasn't been tagged yet (maybe everyone should link to their posts in the comment section of Mike Chen's original post?), but in any case--

N.L. Bobblehead,
Heather Obsessed--



Anonymous alanah said...

You WIN! That's great, Brushback. Thanks for being a good sport. The only part of that I will have to try hard to forget is #1... :-)

I kid -- it's all great. The things we don't know about people in the internet world, huh? Very cool.

8/5/06, 12:37 AM

Blogger Brushback said...


Ummm, is there something wrong with #1?


8/5/06, 12:46 AM

Anonymous alanah said...

If I remember correctly, G. Gordon: "Head shots! Go for the head shot!" (No, Brushback. Nothing wrong with #1 at all...;-)

8/5/06, 12:58 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Well, you know, if stormtroopers in body armour are breaking through your door, you gotta make sure to take 'em out.

"G" has tons of good advice like this, which can be applied to all kinds of everyday situations.

8/5/06, 1:07 AM

Anonymous alanah said...

Does he, now? Well then, perhaps you could provide a "What would G.Gordon Liddy Say?" segment for my Thursday quote thing next season. Could be very entertaining.

There must be a hockey angle to an idea like this. God, I hope so... If I can find a way to work G. Gordon Liddy and Sean Avery into the same quote sheet, I'll die happy.

*Don't mind me - semi-drunken commenting. (Shocking!) Feel free to delete this immediately.

8/5/06, 1:39 AM

Blogger Tapeleg said...

Nice list

"What's a Zine"?
Who do you think is reading this? What's a blog ; )

I wish I'd known what you looked like wrn I was going to Wolfpack playoff games this year.

Good on ya...

8/5/06, 3:51 AM

Blogger Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

Oh no you didn't?

Do you mean THE Underdog which released the 1979 album Vanishing Point? That is so cool! That makes you an icon in my eyes.

The Underdogs Vanishing Point and Youth of Todays Break Down the Walls albums are still part of my record collection, albeit under the category Stuff I haven't listened to but it's still there somewhere.

I'm one of those youths that went from listening to MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Paula Abdul rapping with that cartoon cat to listening to Mudhoney, The Smiths, REM, Bathory, Tad etc when Nirvana brought down the eighties Berlin Wall when it comes to music.

I had a fanzine too when I was fourteen or fifteen that I photocopied together and handed out or traded at festivals.

Again, cool senior, very cool indeed.

8/5/06, 6:26 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Yup, the same Underdog-- in fact, I laid out (with glue stick and scissors) the promo poster for the first Underdog EP in my room, and printed it up at a print shop down the street from where I lived.

One of the re-presses of "Break Down The Walls" uses a photo of mine on the back cover, though I didn't get credit for it. I think by then they had forgotten who had taken it.

Almost all the NYHC guys were into rap. I remember riding back to Manhattan from Albany in Warzone's van, with a bunch of guys from Warzone, Youth of Today, and Underdog. Run-DMC was doing a show somewhere, and there were posters tacked up alongside the highway. At the off-ramp, Richie Underdog jumped out of the van and swiped a couple of the posters.

8/5/06, 9:20 AM

Blogger Brushback said...


Which playoff game(s) were you at? Were they home games?

I missed only 3 home games all of last season, so I was probably there.

Just in case anyone's wondering, I sit at one of the ends about 5 rows back, with my wife on one side and G12's dad to the other. We're not usually too hard to pick out, especially during the playoffs when the games only draw about 1500 fans anyway.


G. Gordon Liddy's radio show hasn't been on any stations around here for years, so I'm at a loss for any hockey-related quotes. I've got his offical web site bookmarked, but I don't think there's any hockey stuff on it.

Just so no one gets nervous, I'm not pining for the days of the Nixon Administration, or anything like that. G. Gordon says what's on his mind, cuts through all the crap, and has a sense of humor about himself, which is cool.

8/5/06, 12:09 PM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

So if my memory -- from when I had discographies imprinted on my brain -- is correct, you're saying you were involved with New Beginning too?

Great list.

8/5/06, 12:36 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Yes, New Beginning is the label that I helped get started, along with a few other people. I dropped out after the first two records.

8/5/06, 1:54 PM


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