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Monday, September 18, 2006

Bitch Magnet

This post has nothing to do with the actual band, Bitch Magnet, for
which I apologize

The I AM Festival took place on the Waterfront Park pier in New London this past weekend, as a great way to see some bands, like Rye Coalition, and also to check out a few of the local vendors who had booths set up. As I was walking around the festival, I saw that one of the vendors (a comic book store) had these funny-looking magnet sets for sale:

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I had to look at it twice in order to believe it. I was big on collecting Wacky Packages when I was a little kid, but this is on an entirely different level. The magnet sets are made by a company called Blue Q, so of course I had to track down their web site to find out what other kinds of ridiculous crap they make.

Like, the Moron Puzzle magnet set:

To hell with Hello Kitty; I like "Goodbye Kitty" much better:

They sell other things besides magnet sets, too-- for instance, Mullet Lip Balm:

Anyone who isn't amused by these and other products, especially Looking Good For Jesus ("Get Tight With Christ!") and Instant Gay Accent Breath Spray, can perhaps take comfort in the fact that Republicans are made fun of, too:

Tough luck, Charlie-- doesn't enlarge

If even that fails to soothe the more sensitive consumer, then, hey-- I guess there's always gum: