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Friday, September 29, 2006

Finz or Fonz?

The Hartford Wolf Pack hammered the Worcester Sharks last night, 4-1, in a pre-season game held at the International Skating Center in Simsbury, Ct.

A sloppily-played first period by the Wolf Pack, combined with some stellar play by Sharks goalie Rob "DikLikar" McVicar in net (playing well above his career ECHL'er status for the first period-and-a-half, before being spelled by runty Ryan MacDonald) kept the game scoreless early on. Hartford's dominance began to show in the second period, though, as the Pack broke through with two goals to take a 2-0 lead, outshooting the Sharks, 20-3.

Marvin "Gumby Legs" Degon made the score 3-1 for Hartford late in the third period when he fired the puck home from the right face-off circle during a 5-on-3 power play. The Pack's 4th and final goal of the night, credited to Martin Richter after originally being given to Mark Lee, was a fluky goal that clanked off the post and involved a conference between the refs to confirm that it had gone in.

Al Montoya played the entire game in net for the Wolf Pack (with Chris Holt as the back-up) and looked quick and sharp for the most part, though he's kept his tendency to wander around a little bit.

Ryan Constant getting ready to throw down (Chris Rutsch photo)

The only fight of the game was between Hartford's Ryan Constant, a Cree Indian, and Worcester's Brennan Evans. Both players threw their helmets to the ice right after dropping the gloves, which will be a common sight this year with the new mandatory visors rule. Evans is almost half-a-foot taller than Constant, but Constant held his ground well and even got in the best punch of the fight, an upper-cut that snapped Evans' head back.

The Worcester Sharks are new to the AHL this year, having been the Cleveland Barons, while the old Worcester Ice Cats are now playing in Peoria as the Rivermen. The Worcester mascot, "Finz", is one of the dorkiest-looking mascots that I've ever seen, though he would probably look better with some sort of shark body instead of just a jersey and a fin. Unlike his relative, Fonz-- who was always somewhat of a sissy, despite his leather biker look and all-- Finz is also a poor sport and a bad example for children:

Finz steals some kid's lunch money, then pisses on his homework

Just like the real Sharks players would, Finz loses to a bunch of girls
at tug-o-war

Finz gets busted by Officer Willie for pushing dope outside the school


Unlike the Fonz, the Finz is not cool.


Anonymous Quint said...

As the light went, the sharks came crusin'. We formed tight groups -- somewhat like squares in an old battle -- You know what I mean -- so that when one come close, the man nearest would yell and shout and pound the water and sometimes it worked and the fish turned away, but other times that shark would seem to look right at a man -- right into his eyes -- and in spite of all shoutin' and poundin' you'd hear that terrible high screamin' and the ocean would go red, then churn up as they ripped him. Then we'd reform our little squares.

9/29/06, 8:21 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Fonzie Jumps the Shark

Quint may actually have been cooler than the Fonz, but at least the shark didn't eat Fonzie.

9/30/06, 4:52 PM

Anonymous quint said...

That particular episode of "Happy Days" defined a new way of describing television shows. The whole phrase "Jump the shark" has come to define a time when a TV show has reached it's apex and its all down hill from there.

In regard to the Springfield Falcons -- there "Jump the Shark" moment for the 2006-07 season happens next Saturday night at the Hartford civic center.

I'm just glad to see this blog's Jump the Shark moment is in the very distant future.

10/1/06, 1:06 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Actually, I think my "five weird things" post was my Jump The Shark moment.

10/1/06, 2:30 PM


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