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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm Not So Good With Numbers

The Wolf Pack introduced a 10th Anniversary logo for this season, which looks basically just like the 5th Anniversary logo.

Maybe it's this similarity that's throwing them off, but WFSB is announcing the 10th Anniversary logo as being for the Wolf Pack's 15th season:

That's WFSB 3, folks. Channel 4 on most cable systems.


Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

It's actually CBS and channel 2 on most cable systems. Either way, that's a stupid mistake.

Speaking of WFSB, they announced this morning that next year West Hartford high schoolers will get to choose what time they go to school in the morning.

9/20/06, 12:07 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I know it's Channel 2. I was trying to make a "number" joke. (Stupid me!)

Not that I don't sometimes make a typo here and there; it's just funny to see one in an article that's barely 3 lines long. How hard could it have been to proof-read that?

9/20/06, 12:24 PM

Blogger hartnews said...

Boy that's an embarrassing mistake. Thanks for catching that.

If you see any more typos like that, I hope you'll let me know. (

Thanks for reading us,
Managing Editor,

9/25/06, 6:03 PM


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