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Friday, September 22, 2006

Shackled To A Corpse

Not David Cross

Blogger beware-- Steve Rubel wants to cozy up to you and find out what makes you tick (link via the ever-lovin' Byron Crawford):

If you're a PR professional and you want to succeed in influencing bloggers, you really need to get to know what makes them tick as people. So much of the game is cracking the code on the individual and their world view.

Just like working with reporters, reading a blog is the most basic, yet essential step you can take. No one should pitch a blog without reading it for at least a week. However, I also recommend diving deeper. Wikipedia is your sherpa. It has better data on bloggers than MediaMap does by far.

Wikipedia, perhaps curiously, features articles on some 200 US bloggers. Many of these write-ups include rich data that can help you create smarter PR programs and break bread with bloggers.

The last time a "PR professional" approached me about my blog, I just sent them over here, and that was the end of it.

Other than being painfully bald, Steve Rubel does serve at least one amusing purpose-- his cynical prose points out something that I hadn't known before, that Wikipedia has a 2-page list highlighting nearly 400 different bloggers.

And, while there's almost no one on the list that I would even consider rubbing elbows with, it is sort of hilarious to see who does make the list. RuPaul? Melanie Griffith? David Hasselhoff? Throw in that asshole Will Leitch, and you've got your cast for the next season of The Surreal Life.

If this is the sort of pond I've been swimming in, I just might quit this whole blogging thing for good and then come back a week later, like everyone else has.

Note that Wikipedia categorizes the listing as "American Bloggers", meaning such luminaries as James Mirtle and Tom Benjamin aren't qualified. After an extensive search I actually did manage to find the section on Canadian bloggers, but all that was listed was The Hoser. Sucks, eh?