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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Swedish Team Pissed At Oilers' Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson (#12)

22-year-old Swedish forward Fredrik Johansson joined the Oilers' rookie camp today, even though he is still under contract back home to the Frölunda Indians, and the Swedish team is hopping mad.

According to a story on the Frölunda web site, Johansson, the 9th-round pick of the Oilers in 2002, did not show up at the Indians' practice on Friday. Roughly translated, the story goes on to say, "We are terribly dissatisfied with Edmonton's action. From our point of view, this is in violation of both the agreement between Sweden and the NHL, and Johansson's contract with our club. The arrangement with the NHL says that a player cannot leave after our season has already started. It was our understanding with Fredrik that he would be here this season. For them to take away one of our players a week before our first match is a serious violation of the NHL - IIHF agreement."

Frölunda says that they believe that Johansson was pressured by Edmonton, yet they have hopes that he will return in time for their first game of the season, on September 18th.

Fredrik Johansson

By the way, the headline for the report of this story in Sport Express reads, "Malkin's Example Proves To Be Contagious".


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