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Monday, September 25, 2006

Would You Wear This Jersey?

Las Vegas Thunder '96-'97 Valentine's Day jersey

These are all actual, game-worn jerseys that I found through the many web sites and photo albums maintained on the Internet by game-worn jersey collectors. Most of these are of the "One-Game Wonder" variety-- not referring to the "one-day wonder" NHL players that I just posted about, but meaning one-off commemorative jerseys that are worn for just one game or so, then usually auctioned off for charity (the plaid Bob Uecker jerseys that the Milwaukee Admirals wore for a weekend last season are an example of this). Some of these jerseys, though, are the everyday game jerseys worn by that particular team throughout the entire season... if you can imagine that.

So here they are, from the ones that I was able find (and I'm sure there are many more examples out there)-- the worst of the worst, the baddest of the bad:

Seattle Thunderbirds '00 "70's Night" jersey
Complete with afro on the team mascot logo, and a peace sign patch on the hem

Charlotte Checkers (ECHL) David St. Germain '03-'04 jersey
(collector: cote67)
Great, if you want to go to the game looking like a
picnic tablecloth

Abilene Aviators (WPHL) Craig Perrett '98-'99 jersey

Louisville Riverfrogs (ECHL) '97-'98 jersey

Milwaukee Admirals Kevin Dean '01-'02 Christmas jersey
(collector: markski)

Milwaukee Admirals Peter Smrek '02-'03 Christmas jersey
(collector: markski)

Milwaukee Admirals Petr Sachl '00-'01 "Tie Dye" jersey
(collector: markski)
While a bunch of teams have all used this tie-dye design,
I still say that the MilAds are way ahead of the field when it
comes to silly-looking jerseys

San Antonio Iguanas (CHL) Paul Buczkowski '00-'01 Thanksgiving jersey
(collector: soonerfan65)

San Diego Gulls (ECHL) '04-'05 jersey
(collector: nhlmvp70)

Landshut Cannibals (DEL) Mark Lamb '97-'98 jersey
(collector: tigerlady)
European jerseys should almost be off-limits for being
universally goofy, but I think this one deserves special
mention just for the little cannibal guy running around on it

Nürnberg Ice Tigers (DEL) Chris Luongo '02-'03 jersey
(collector: tigerlady)
Awesome jersey + mister+lady+jeans = crap

Bodens IK (Sweden) '00-'01 jersey
(collector: nik)

Essen Moskitos (DEL) Tray Tuomite '03-'04 Christmas jersey
(collector: kiki)
A wacky European jersey,
and it's a Christmas jersey, too? Jackpot!!

Philadelphia Phantoms (AHL) Jamie Storr "Old-Time Hockey" jersey
(collector: pelts35)

Las Vegas Thunder (IHL) '95-'96 Tie Dye jersey

Portland Pirates (AHL) Jeff Paul '98-'99 Halloween jersey
(collector: themurphycollection)

Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees (CHL) '06-'07 Halloween "Texas" jersey

Knoxville Speed (UHL) Riley Nelson '01-'02 jersey
Like the Checkers picnic table jersey, only less creative

Pensacola Ice Pilots (ECHL) Dan Marcotte '97-'98 "Mardi Gras" jersey
(collector: mattbiggs)

Pensacola Ice Pilots Jeremy Van Hoof '01-'02 St. Patrick's Day jersey
(collector: mattbiggs)

Madison Monsters (UHL) Chris Newans '98-'99 jersey
(collector: mike)

Utah Grizzlies (AHL) Jean-Marc Pelletier '04-'05 Christmas jersey
(collector: pelts35)

Utah Grizzlies Jean-Marc Pelletier '04-'05 Halloween jersey
(collector: pelts35)
I know, I know-- I own one that's kinda similar...

As an added bonus, check out these hideous Laredo Bucks (CHL) jerseys...

Christmas jersey

Halloween jersey

Happy collecting!


Blogger Tapeleg said...

There is some shear ugly out there. Some of these need help.

9/25/06, 3:45 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

I actually kind of like the one with the palm trees.

As for the MilAds jersey with the's a little too Adam and Eve fig leaf for me!

9/25/06, 12:30 PM

Blogger allan said...

This list can't be considered complete without the Kokudo Bunnies.

9/25/06, 12:37 PM

Blogger allan said...

Bah. It blocked my link.

There are several pictures here.

9/25/06, 12:38 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Wow-- they've got Peter Cottontail on their jerseys!

Both links worked fine for me, by the way.


9/25/06, 12:43 PM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Dear God! Those guys looked like a giant package of marshmallow Peeps skating around in those things!


9/25/06, 4:44 PM

Anonymous Himself said...

Man, I wish I could find a picture of the Portland Winter Hawks' (WHL) 25th anniversary jersey. It is commonly referred to as the "expoloding chicken."

9/26/06, 11:39 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Found some!

The Portland Winter Hawks '00-'01 25th Anniversary "Saturday" jersey:

Image One (goalie)

Image Two (skater)

Image Three (goalie)

"Exploding chicken" pretty much covers it...

Thanks for the tip!

9/26/06, 12:25 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

From a tip on a Phila. Flyers' message board, and another blog, I found this:

Alaska Aces "Tuxedo" New Year's jersey

9/26/06, 2:54 PM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

Fantastic post. I actually like some of those -- the Phantoms' old-style, the Smrek Admirals Christmas jerseys -- but I also liked the Danbury Trashers logo, so my taste is suspect.

One I've seen that I'm not positive was actually game-worn -- a Seattle Thunderbirds jersey with the Microsoft Windows logo replacing the T-bird. It still retained the sedate style, but that Microsoft logo... geez.

9/26/06, 4:14 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Apparently, the Thunderbirds and Microsoft play a charity hockey match every year.

Here's a picture that I found:

Thunderbirds vs. Microsoft

9/26/06, 4:41 PM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

Here's another eye-catcher.

9/26/06, 10:30 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Oooooohh- I'm saving that one in my Photobucket.

Someone on a message board thread had a couple of funny things to say about all of these jerseys-- like, the Iguanas Thanksgiving jersey "looks like the '80s Vancouver jersey viewed through a kaleidoscope", and the Bodens IK jersey "wouldn't be half-bad to wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert".

9/26/06, 10:44 PM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

That tuxedo jersey is a freakin' riot!!!!

Forgive me -- I just watched 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' last weekend and I'm in high 80's gear.

9/27/06, 10:35 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I think it looks like one of those novelty t-shirts with the tuxedo printed on the front.

"Because I want to feel casual but still look formal, you know?"

(Talladega Nights)

9/27/06, 11:19 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Here's another Laredo Bucks "Halloween" jersey-- I think the grave markers look kinda cool (just not on a hockey jersey):

Laredo Bucks Halloween jersey

10/8/06, 8:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the Utah Grizzlies Halloween sweater... as well as the Portland Pirates and Philly Phamtoms ones

2/11/07, 10:29 AM

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