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Monday, September 04, 2006

Wrigley's Thinks All Of You Dickheads Are Assholes

I've always been interested in clever advertising, and Ads of the World is one of the web sites that I check out on a regular basis. It's long been known that European ads have a much different sensibility and are more relaxed than American ads, and that's the type of advertising that Ads of the World gives coverage to.

Below are two print ads, recently posted on Ads of the World, that I thought were kind of striking-- both of them featuring flowery graphics with angels and Pegasus-like winged horses, and then the words "Dickhead" and "Asshole" right in the middle of the frame:

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This type of advertising hook isn't all that unusual in Europe, but what struck me was that the ads are for Wrigley's Freedent gum. I've always pictured Wrigley's as positioning themselves to be a middle-of-the-road, All-American type of outfit-- the Doublemint Twins, Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs, and all of that-- so to have them go with an overseas ad campaign that bluntly uses the word "asshole" front and center (with the tagline, "Everything sounds good with a nice smile") seems comically out of place.

As I look through the ads on the web site, it's funny to see how some corporations take on an edgier personality when they're selling to Europeans, but back home everything's all white bread and Wal-Mart and politically correct-- two different approaches to selling the same stupid product.

Ad for Pony sneakers

For everyone's sake, I'll leave out the Australian liquor ad that featured the tag line, "I can fart wherever I want and people feel sorry for me."