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Friday, October 06, 2006

Defending the Caveman

Image taken from Jasper's Rink

Seeing in-game action of the new Sabres jerseys during Wednesday night's Buffalo - Carolina game on Versus has me leaning towards thinking that they might be cool-looking jerseys after all. I know they've been getting torn apart by everybody else, but if I was, let's say, at a Hartford Wolf Pack game and the other team came out for pre-game warm-ups wearing those jerseys, I'd probably be like, "Wow, those look pretty neat."

On the other hand, maybe that's the problem-- Buffalo's jerseys would make great-looking minor league jerseys (they'd be an automatic improvement over most of the jerseys in the ECHL and CHL, that's for sure), but perhaps they're a bit too small-time for NHL fans.

The new Sabres jerseys already look a lot like at least one minor-league jersey, though-- the Norfolk Admirals jerseys from a few seasons ago:

Maybe I'm somewhat contradicting myself here by liking the Sabres' jerseys, since I thought the Admirals' jerseys sucked the first time I saw them (when Norfolk joined the AHL from the IHL)-- too much busy stuff happening under the sleeves, which is a part of the design of Buffalo's jerseys also.

This could be one for G12 to sort out-- he always seems to have all the right answers.


Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Those Norfolk Admirals jerseys were the best in the AHL. I've always had a slight urge to look for a Pavel Vorobiev game worn though I've never done so.

Maybe the jersey ties into my obsession with submarines somehow.

I hate their new Blackhawk Ads jerseys.

10/9/06, 2:00 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

For AHL jerseys (other than the Wolf Pack's, of course), I think the Philadelphia Phantoms jerseys are the best, and I also liked the dark Saint John Flames jerseys with the dragon on them.

I'm the opposite-- I like the newer Norfolk jerseys better than the older ones with the anchor on them (that's "Norfork", for those of you in Bridgeport or Springfield).

10/9/06, 3:01 PM

Blogger Ritch said...

I hated the logo when I first saw it, as much for the design as for the timing. Didn't we just switch Sabres jersey's 10 years ago or so?

I'm a Bruins fan, I love the spoked B, and that's what I root for. It's illogical, but important. And not 3 months from being one win away from the Stanley Cup finals the Sabres are gonna change again?

But beyond all that, the sweaters look cool. Yeah, the logo is a little lame, but those numbers on the front of the shirt are all class.

I vote yea to the jersey, nay to the timing.

10/9/06, 4:26 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I dig the numbers, too.

I'm thinking I should get one of those jerseys, just so I could wear it around and have people yell things at me.

10/10/06, 10:41 AM


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