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Saturday, October 28, 2006

An Excuse To Buy 'ESPN The Magazine'

The October 23rd issue of ESPN The Magazine*-- barely on newstands now-- includes a 5-page spread on the downfall James Galante and the Danbury Trashers.

The cover blurb states, "Meet The Sopranos of Minor League Hockey", and the table of contents page announces the article as, "SKATING WITH THE MOB. Wise guys, a 'waste management' heir named A.J. and hits galore. No, it's not a Sopranos episode. It's the story of the Danbury Trashers, your average minor league hockey franchise gone bad. The Magazine's contributor Bryant Ursdadt reports."

James and A.J. Galante (Danbury News-Times photo)

I finally tracked down a copy, after checking 4 different stores (and it's not like I live in Iowa or something), and it's a fairly even-handed article. Most of what's included in the article-- the fight with the ref, wiretaps, salary-cap fraud, "no-show" jobs for players' wives, etc.-- is the same ground covered very well by the Danbury News-Times and various other news outlets, in articles that I linked to at the time (start by reading here).

Section 102 gets a shout-out in the ESPN article:

"...sitting in Section 102, a teeming mass of obscenity-chanting fans who like to wave a body bag in the stands when an opposing player got knocked down in a fight. At one triple-OT game, when the players ran out of dry undershirts during the last intermission, the 102 crew took the Trashers shirts off their backs and sent them down to the locker room. Cheered on by their shirtless rooters, Danbury won, 3-2."

Hey, you can't buy that kind of notoriety, though the Sound Tigers sure are trying.

*As opposed to ESPN The Crappy Cable TV Sports Network