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Monday, October 30, 2006

(Trailer) Trash Talkin'

I guess when the folks at the Wichita Thunder and Oklahoma City Blazers (Central Hockey League) aren't busy dodgin' tornadoes, they're busy taking swipes at each other.

From the Wichita Eagle, 10/25/06 (via Greg Rajan's In The Crease):

Penalty Box: To the Wichita Thunder (CHL) front office, for an advertisement that ran in Friday's Wichita Eagle. In the ad, a man with a mullet and a toothless grin, dressed in an Oklahoma City Blazers shirt, is pictured in front of a trailer. The ad copy reads, "The trash is back and they're bringing the trailer park with them."

The CHL called the ad of "questionable taste" but said there would be no action against the Thunder.

Thunder general manager Chris Presson said the ad was designed to attract attention. "But I'd be the first to admit I took it too far. Our intent was to have some good, light-hearted fun with our biggest rivals. But some people were offended, and I do apologize."

When asked if he was worried about a response from the CHL to the controversial ad, Presson said, "No, because the league doesn't pay my bills. I do. I have to do what's best for the Wichita Thunder."

In a gesture of goodwill towards Blazers fans, Presson has announced a "2-for-1" ticket offer for anyone bringing a broken Big Wheel to the Thunder box office.