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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The World Is Going To Hell

Yesterday, the New Britain Rock Cats announced that they are changing their logo for the umpteenth time, as well as introducing an entire set of spiffy new hats:

Of course, in the Rock Cats Universe, this isn't just a mere logo change, but a major event akin to stopping world hunger or inventing the Segway or something.

From the official Rock Cats press release:

"The Rock Cats have decided to update their existing primary logo with an adjusted design that more accurately reflects the franchise's dynamic evolution... a daunting challenge to develop a new logo that achieved a visual connection with the Rock Cats' existing identity, yet have it stand out from the many other cat-themed logos that already exist (no kidding)... while the Rock Cats' primary logo may be refreshed and changed for the better, the franchise's on-going commitment to providing their fans with affordable, fan-friendly professional entertainment, has not. Nor ever will."

Christ, all you guys did was move some shapes and colors around. Try not to make such a big deal over it.

Also this week, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers announced that they will be the next team to go with the pink ice gimmick (that's the Kalamazoo Wings' rink, above), along with pink player sticks that will be auctioned off after the game, for a match-up against the Springfield Falcons this weekend at The Corruption Dome. Luckily it's not a game against the Wolf Pack or one that I'd otherwise feel like going to, because I don't think I could look at that ice (or those sticks) the whole night without feeling really stupid.

Thanks, CalderCup0

Of course, if you're talking about being really stupid in general, the Tool World Order has no such reservations.


Anonymous caldercup0 said...

Speaking of the tWo, I was at the game on Friday in Bridgeport and some interesting things went down.

- There was a row of 5 or so kids who couldn't have been more than 8 years old and they were throwing a bunch of random insults at the Wolf Pack guys. Some of the more common ones were "Hey #4, You Suck!" and "#27 Has Boobies!" I was very tempted to tell the kids that the guys have the names on the back of their jerseys, but I didn't. So anyways, they're going on and on for about 5 minutes and they don't stop so I say to my friend "If those kids keep it up they could be the next J-Tizzle." Pretty much every Sound Tigers fan around me starts cracking up. This one guy like two rows in front of me said "Yo, are you making fun of J-Tizzle? That guy's a douchebag!" and then he gave me a high five.

- After the game, we were waiting for some autographs and there was another group of Tigers fans out there. I asked them what was the deal with the dude who wears the sunglasses all the time. They kinda didn't say anything at first and then they were like "Oh, you mean the crackhead? We hate that guy!"

So even his own fanbase hates J-Tizzle.

10/21/06, 12:39 AM

Anonymous Skezzer pleaser said...

I count seven guys in the picture.

10/21/06, 1:19 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

You guys are killing me! That's hilarious.

Thanks for the report, Calder.

10/29/06, 9:37 PM


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