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Monday, November 13, 2006

Pack Downed By Devils

Dale gives a Devil his due (Chris Rutsch photo)

As could have been predicted, the Hartford Wolf Pack failed to capitalize on any momentum from their blowout win over San Antonio the night before, dropping a late-afternoon Sunday home game to the Lowell Devils, 4-1.

Brandon Dubinsky put the Pack on the board first, 4:08 into the first period, but Lowell responded with a power-play goal three minutes later. Dale Purinton continues to hold the team back when it's least convenient, as he was the man in the box (serving a slashing minor) when Lowell scored.

At one point late in the second period Hartford had a 25-10 shot advantage despite trailing in the game, 2-1. That's when Lowell scored their third goal to make it 3-1, sending Steve Valiquette to the bench in favor of Al Montoya. Montoya kept a lid on the Devils for the rest of the game, stopping 8 of 8 shots, but the final tally of the game came an empty-net goal by Lowell with 2 minutes left.

Jordan Parise shuts the gate on Dane Byers (Chris Rutsch photo)

The Pack coaching staff had promised some changes after the 4-3 loss to Norfolk a week ago, but since then, pretty much nothing significant has really happened; Brandon Dubinsky and (especially) Hugh Jessiman continue to disappear at times, while Jakub Petruzalek was called up from Charlotte, only to be scratched for both games this weekend. Chris Ferraro continues to sit in the stands at every game, still unsigned to the PTO contract that was all-but-announced earlier in the week (not that he's the solution, anyway). Nigel Dawes is due back in Hartford from the Rangers any minute now, if you read Blueshirt Bulletin and Hockeybird, while, according to those same sources, Darius Kasparaitis was seen packing his equipment after the Lowell game and is said to be on his way out. Kasparaitis was even more jovial than usual during the pre-game skate, perhaps suggesting that he knew some good news at the time.

Darius Kasparaitis clearing out Aaron Voros (Chris Rutsch photo)

The Pack now have five days off (which reminds me to update the schedule in the sidebar), before taking on San Antonio and Houston in Texas next weekend.


Anonymous Blumpkin said...

I went up between the first and second period and got a twist cone from Vally seeing that soft serve was his specialty of the day.

11/13/06, 9:35 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Oooooh-- Mrs. Brushback is not going to like that one!

11/13/06, 9:41 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

By the way, here's what Bruce Berlet wrote in this morning's Courant, at the end of the game story for the Lowell game. He mentions Peter Ferarro, not Chris, which I think is curious (unless it's a typo):

Defenseman Darius Kasparaitis was returned to the Rangers after a seven-game conditioning assignment. Kasparaitis could remain with the Rangers or be put on waivers. If he and his $3 million contract aren't claimed, he could return to the Pack. If he remains in New York, Thomas Pock could come to Hartford for conditioning after sitting out 12 games since Oct. 14. ... Nigel Dawes is likely to return to Hartford after being scratched for seven of the Rangers' last eight games. ... Forward Peter Ferraro, who has worked out with the Pack since Tuesday, could be signed to a tryout contract this week, leading to assignment to Charlotte of the ECHL.

Berlet has a quote from Ken Gernander about the usual "effort and commitment not being met", which is the same thing Ken said last week, only now the coaching staff is "a little more upset".

11/13/06, 12:12 PM

Anonymous Blumpkin said...

Ehh ...who cares come to think of it he was serving the same Saturday night ..... it just didn't reflect with the score being so lopsided

11/13/06, 1:48 PM

Anonymous quint said...

Ah, the pop-corn, pretzel and hot-dog concessions were all shut down in the concourse. The only thing being served up at the civic center was soft-serve.

I eat icecream once or twice a year and I was constrained to get some soft-serve from the carval vendor.

cookie puss and fudgy the whale were rumored to be in the building yesterday.

oh, I'm sorry, I was just corrected. It was Lou Lamarillo.

11/13/06, 10:22 PM


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