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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pack Take Their Lumps

Craig Weller moves in on Providence goalie Brian Finley (Chris Rutsch photo)

Ryan Callahan scored a goal for the fourth straight game and the Wolf Pack pushed the Bruins around for most of the second period, yet Hartford fell to 2-7 on the year with a 3-2 loss to Providence last night in Hartford.

Callahan had another goal waved off in the second period, jamming the puck home through traffic only to have the ref (David Banfield, looking startled and overwhelmed most of the night) blow the whistle after losing sight of the puck. The Wolf Pack were down 2-1 at the time and eventually tied the game on a goal from Dane Byers with only seconds left in the period, but former Pack defenseman Ryan Glenn scored for Providence in the third period thanks to some messy play by Hartford in their own end, handing the Bruins the victory.

Darius Kasparaitis, in the second game of his conditioning assignment, wasn't banging bodies as often as he had in the game before. Dane Byers was more than able to step up the rough stuff, including one check that hammered a Providence player flat onto his back behind the net. Dale Purinton and Sean Curry fought in the second period, during which the 6'-5" Curry turtled, only to have Purinton continue to swing away, at one point missing Curry's head and slamming his fist into the ice. Lauri Korpikoski admirably started a fight in his own defense against Petr Kalus, but got tied up in his own jersey and easily took the worst of it.

And now, for some old business: Continuing forward from Kasparaitis' devastating hip check on Portland's Tim Brent the game before-- sending the near-sighted Portland fans into fits of apoplexy-- you're invited to check out a video of the Pirates' own innocent choir boys singing Handel's Messiah, thanks to the always-brilliant

Click here to watch 'em sing

Be sure to note the special guest appearance by Pirates head coach "Kevin 11", who presumably stopped by the church while walking home from his DUI community service.


Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

I've watched that clip like eighteen times this morning. Every time Dineen makes an appearance I lose it, and we all know how much I appreciate a good fart joke.

That pack attack's brilliant, I tell ya!

11/4/06, 1:12 PM

Anonymous alanah said...

Agreed, Mrs. Brushback... the Pack is brilliant. That clip is just freakin' awesome. Why-oh-why can't the NHL learn something from these minor league promo things?

11/5/06, 12:03 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

It is a really cool video, but the Pack would get roasted by the league if they ever put out such a thing that mocks specific players on an opposing team.

(A fan, "Pack Attack", made the video-- not the Wolf Pack!)

11/5/06, 11:16 AM

Anonymous alanah said...

Ahhhhhhh.... okay. But wasn't it the Wolf Pack that made those other vids you posted a couple weeks ago? Michael Jackson, etc.? Such creativity makes me believe they'd do virtually anything to get a laugh. :)

Gotta like that quality in a hockey team.

11/5/06, 3:49 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Yup, the Wolf Pack did make those "penalty box" videos, which don't reference any specific players by name, so no one gets into trouble. (The Pack have made a couple of new videos this year, too, only with a different employee playing the guy in the penalty box.)

I agree that the videos are a cool promotion. "Scout Night", however (which is what they had last night), is a promotion that I wish they would get rid of.

11/5/06, 4:40 PM


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