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Sunday, November 05, 2006

We Are Not Alone

A while ago, just by accident, I discovered a blog site ( with a URL very close to my own (beanballinc. The "other" site-- Bean Ball Blog-- has been dead for 3 years and was active for only a few months to begin with, but I was still amused to find that my blog had a long-lost relative-- a sort of "brother blog", if you will (even though the other blog kinda sucked).

I had forgotten about my "brother blog" until a few days ago, when I was at work and wanted to check out Jes Gőlbez' Hockey Rants blog (, typing in by mistake. What popped up was kinda freaky (try it and see), and got me to wondering-- what other parallel sites to my favorite hockey blog sites are out there?

Post-Pessimist Association
( -
P-PA's "brother blog" just started in October, looks pretty good, and even has a similar title... watch out, Greg!

James Mirtle's Hockey Blog
( -,
Not much going on here, though "Murdletrone" (What up bitches? Word) has that familiar James Mirtle writing style *heh heh*

Lubomir Vaic - A Life In Hockey
( -
Suitably, Vaic Fan's brother blog is stark and vaguely suggestive

Red and Black Hockey
( -
Totally stupid, yet hilarious... looks like Sunday, December 23, 2001 was a bad day for this moron

Sweet Tea, Barbecue, and Bodychecks
( -
Another "Tommy" fan, apparently

( -

Sisu Hockey
( -
A complete and utter lack of follow-through

( -
Man, Blogger really used to look like shit

Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed
( -
If you think "The Office" is funny, check this sucker out!

Ingmar Bergman Shoots and Scores
( -
Obviously a case of misguided intentions. Man, does that template SUCK

Also, how many of you have ever seen Off-Wing Opinion's "back up" site on Blogger,


Blogger Tapeleg said...

I've been thinking about "They Live" a bit lately, kind of going through this sci fi craze right now. Great movie. Carpenter directed one of my all time favorites (Big Trouble in Little China). Great stuff.

11/6/06, 10:13 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

"They Live" is awesome. I love the basic premise of it. One of my all-time top ten favorite movies, probably.

Have you seen the South Park episode where they do a take-off on the fight scene from "They Live"?

11/6/06, 10:33 AM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

The PPA title is Balkan-inspired, so it fits that my "brother blog" is Serbian. He seems a bit more committed, too, a bit more fiery -- I fear that he could usurp my little corner of the internet.

11/6/06, 3:53 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

There's a, too, but it's not very interesting, which is why I didn't mention it originally.

11/6/06, 4:07 PM


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