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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ask Mr. Language Person

- Installment #1 of our "Learning To Respect Other Cultures" series -

Today, JapanNewbie helps us out with an unusual Japanese word, which they say can be used to describe "the smell of the late night bullet trains - since they are full with old people, they have the particular musky odor."

Remember, we're seeking diversity here, even if it means stepping on a few toes in the process.

加齢臭 (click here if you can't see the lettering)

(pronounced "kareisyu")
body odour of old people

old person with bad [unpleasant] body odor

old person with terrible [severe] body odor

Kinda makes me wonder how A.O.D.'s "Old People Talk Loud" (off their 1983 "Let's Barbecue" EP, for those who weren't aware) would translate into Japanese...

I'm betting the Punk Rock Tourist would know!

Stay tuned for Installment #2 of the "Learning To Respect Other Cultures" series, G12 Rides The Whalers Booster Club Bus To Montreal, appearing next month or whenever we feel like it

(AOD and PRT images taken from