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Friday, December 29, 2006

Careers In Rock

That state fair gig in New Hampshire was awesome

Best random band name that I recently ran across on the internet:

Dïët Rïöt
(Playing light, all-acoustic covers of Quiet Riot songs)

Vinyl Mine, being particularly useful, also notes that "email spam headers make for great band names." Here are some of my own that I came up with:

· Least the King
· Have the Tuxedo
· Aspatha
· They Fell An Ash
· Flock of Abner
· Samos
· Russell Crowe George
· Vexpert
· Fake Pills
· Goodness of The Priest
· Her No Rho
· Xepic
· Carcase Assembly
· From Damascus

That last one's just in time for the Sylvia Juncosa revival, I guess...

Also, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers newsletter tells us that current Sound Tigers head coach Dan Marshall plays guitar, and for years was in a blues-rock band called the Dirt Root Band (later known as the Dan Marshall Band, I guess after he got a swelled head about himself or something).

Even though the Dan Marshall Band managed to put out a handful of CDs, they were no Zambonis, I'm pretty sure.