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Friday, December 15, 2006

Dog At Large

Thanks to the terminally unfunny Colin McEnroe, I have found a new blog to add to my Favorites list: Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke, which expertly analyzes those Marmaduke cartoons that are otherwise so hard to figure out:

Marmaduke likes to stand by houseplants and breathe on them
until they die. His owner-lady has given this uncharacteristically
subtle destruction of her property a name.

Not to be overshadowed, of course, is one of Joe's other projects-- Joe Mathlete Draws a Nipple on Ziggy's Nose So That His Nose Looks Like A Titty:

A man of many talents, apparently, of which obviously I am not.


Blogger Colin said...

if i'm so unfunny, why are you raiding my blog for material? why are you reading me at all?

12/21/06, 9:11 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

First of all, Colin, you are unfunny. Not only thru the written word, but in the past I've listened to the "Bruce & Colin" show on WTIC, and you're unfunny over the radio, also. You're actually one of the least likeable commentators I've ever encountered.

Second of all, I didn't raid your blog for material; I raided Joe Mathlete's blog, and then I gave you credit for helping me find it, which I think was completely generous, considering that I think you're such an annoying twit.

Why do I read you at all? Because I'm intereting in checking out different viewpoints, for the same reason I check out a lot of blogs, columns, magazines, TV and radio shows, etc., even the ones I don't particular agree with. Plus, I like to support the work that CTWeblogs is doing, by reading as many blogs on there as I can.

In the end, Colin, you've done way more (books, newspapers, broadcast media, etc.) than I have, so I'm sure you're not sweating my opinion.

12/21/06, 10:08 AM


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