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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Glory That Is Fedor Fedorov

Shame on me for not mentioning this sooner, but everyone's favorite ex-Hartford Wolf Pack/New York Rangers forward, Fedor Fedorov, netted a hat trick in Lokomotiv Yaroslavl's 5-4 victory over Krylia Sovetov (Soviet Wings) last month.

In honor of this incredible achievement, the Lokomotiv web site posted this collage of photos from Fedor's tremendous three-goal game (click image to see in all of its stunning glory):

Click image to enlarge to full size

Also, you can go to the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl web site and vote for your favorite player on the team, just like last season (when everyone was supposed to vote for Steve Valiquette, but didn't). Just click on the link, scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and check off the box next to #81 Федоров Федор, if you would, please.

He may be a Denis Grebeshkov fan now, but he will grow up to
idolize Fedor Fedorov just like the rest of us

Fedor currently sits 6th in the voting with 142 votes, behind Evgeny Artyukhin (164), Aleksandr Galimov (195), Ivan Tkachenko (207), Egor Podomatsky (345), and Semen Varlamov (453). The season is far from over, though, and there's still plenty of time for Fedorov to gain many more votes, much in the same way that Fedor's goal total for the season (currently at, um, four) is sure to climb higher and higher.


Anonymous cc2k said...

"Fedor currently sits 6th in the voting with 142 votes..."

Make that 143 votes! Oh yeah...

12/9/06, 4:11 AM

Anonymous ASS Bonanza said...

veI would vote for Jake Taylor for an all-star team before i would even think about voteing for that human feces on skates.
Nothing you ever write will convince me he's a hockey player let alone the brother of an actual hockey tallent.

12/9/06, 7:01 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Up to 145 votes now!

And, if you wait a few days for the cookie on the web site to go away, you can vote again.

"Nothing you ever write will convince me he's a hockey player"

Don't be a hater!

12/9/06, 9:19 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I think this guy would agree with me...

12/9/06, 9:24 AM


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