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Thursday, December 21, 2006

If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish

PETA Suckers: Santa drinks milk and must be destroyed

The Santa-hating, paint-throwing, wacked-out moonbats anti-fur activists at PETA have now come up with the following series of ads, seeming to suggest that if you don't stop eating chicken, your parents will continue to "get it on" on a regular basis (as usual, images swiped from Ads of the World):

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be frightened (or go get a bucket of Original Recipe), but I tend to agree with the comment made by one observer: "Pee, poo, sex-- ha ha. Damn, go back to kindergarten!"

In a story that's even more tragic, the nutjobs at PETA learn to regret killing Santa after all (click to see video if you haven't already), once it turns out that Alec Baldwin is Santa's replacement.

Screw you, folks at PETA, for ruining Christmas forever!!