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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ifs and Buts, Candies and Nuts

Lauri Korpikoski outrunning Wacey Rabbit (Chris Rutsch photo)

Missed opportunities and missing effort seemed to be the order of the day for the Hartford Wolf Pack in their 3-1 loss to Providence last night, as the Wolf Pack fell back under .500 and further back into last place in the division, pissing off their starting goaltender in the process.

Said Steve Valiquette, in this morning's Courant: "We're in last place, and tonight is a reason why. You don't deserve to win when you only play 20 minutes... not to come out with a sense of urgency is embarrassing and unacceptable. I'm really [pissed]."

Hartford easily could've scored another three or four more goals in this game, but botched a number of quality scoring chances, typically involving a Pack player (Dubinsky-- a couple of times-- and Korpikoski, among others) with the puck on his stick and an open net just a few feet away in front of him. And yet, each time, they were unable to bury the puck.

For sheer drama, the highlight of the game came very early, when Francis Lessard ran into goalie Jordan Sigalet behind the Providence net and drew a charging major less than three minutes into the first period. Lessard definitely made an extra hitting motion with his right arm as he skated into Sigalet, but to say that he "drove Sigalet into the ice"-- as Doug "Miss" Manners of the Providence Journal put it-- is ridiculous. Sigalet actually took one of the more overblown stage flops you could imagine, landing awkwardly and hurting his own shoulder in the process. Providence scored their first goal of the game during the ensuing 5-minute power play, and meanwhile the Bruins are saying that Sigalet could miss "up to three weeks".

The Providence Journal also seems to have a hard time keeping the AHL team names straight:

Hint: the Pirates play in Portland

Just one of those days, I guess.


Blogger Tapeleg said...

Don't feel bad. This headline showed up in my feedreader, originally provided by UPI:

NHL: Atlanta-Colorado NHL Game Postponed

That would be the Atlanta Flames? Yeah.

12/24/06, 9:22 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

There's actually a blog site for "online corrections" called Regret The Error.

One of the screw-ups they mention is a Wall Street Journal article that named O.J. Simpson's book, "If I Did It", as "Why I Did It".

12/24/06, 11:31 PM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

I'm sure Wacey's heard it a million times, but I'm pretty impressed by any announcer who doesn't say "Wacey Wabbit" when he's sent to the penalty box. I mean, I can only say "Wacey Rabbit" if I concentrate really hard for a bit. Otherwise, my mouth takes the Elmer Fudd route every time.

12/27/06, 1:41 PM

Anonymous B-Rabbit said...

Silly wabbit!

12/27/06, 1:49 PM


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