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Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Really Fucked Now

(Image: iStockphoto)

If you've ever wondered how many different ways people have accidentally used to foul up their computers, Ontrack Data Recovery has come up with a list of this year's Top 10 Data Disasters. Mind you, these are only the ten worst out of who-knows-how-many more screw ups-- taken verbatim from Ontrack's web site-- all of which were eventually recovered. (Link via Nothing Toxic)

10) Employees of a global telecommunications company dropped a laptop computer while working from a helicopter in Monaco. Ontrack successfully retrieved vital files on the laptop and sent them through an FTP server for a meeting in Hong Kong the very next day.

9) On a flight from London to Warsaw, a passenger packed his laptop and toiletries in the same bag. Unfortunately, his shampoo leaked and flooded everything in the bag, including the laptop, causing the hard drive to fail. In order to recover all of the data, Ontrack engineers had to do some washing of their own – cleaning the hard drive and other components in order to get the drive functioning.

8) British comedian Dom Joly, presenter and co-creator of Trigger Happy TV, dropped his laptop, damaging a hard drive that held five thousand photos, six thousand songs, half a book he was writing and all of his old newspaper columns. Having read the tragic story in a newspaper column written by Mr. Joly, Ontrack contacted him and was able to recover everything.

6) A customer left an old banana on the top of his external hard drive which proceeded to seep its contents into the drive, ruining the circuitry. The drive would no longer run, but Ontrack was able to clean the drive and repair the circuit board so the drive would spin long enough to recover his data. The banana, however, could not be recovered.

5) It happens every year, but people continue to leave computers and hard drives in the path of moving vehicles. This year alone, Ontrack recovered from a laptop that was run over by a "people mover" at the airport, and several external hard drives stuffed in a backpack that was backed over by a truck.

4) A man reformatted his hard drive not once, not twice, but ten times before he realized there was some valuable information he needed recovered. Luckily for him, it only took Ontrack one try to recover the information.

1) Although the circumstances of the original data loss were unremarkable, the problem was intensified when the customer shipped his drive to Ontrack in a pair of dirty socks. The old socks didn’t provide the necessary protection during shipping and the resulting damage made the recovery more challenging than normal. Next time, he’ll stick with bubble wrap, but in the meantime, Ontrack successfully recovered his data too.

I can't quite figure out why anyone would use dirty socks to pack anything other than Darcy Tucker's dentures, but the banana I can sorta understand. I mean, you can't put bananas in the refrigerator, so where else are you gonna put them?


Anonymous Ball Buster said...

I think this artical belongs in the who gives a shit section of the writeing lovers blog.
And just how the hell is this relivent to hockey?

12/12/06, 8:24 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Hey, pictures of bananas on computers are always funny.

12/12/06, 9:20 AM

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