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Monday, December 04, 2006

Praise The Lord For Chuckie Taylor


New Bomb Turks

The Replacements

The Reducers


The Rip-Offs

The Queers


Chuck Taylors have been a part of punk rock since the beginning, and if you were a particularly crusty punk rocker back in the day, you probably used a ball-point pen to scribble a whole bunch of crap on your Chucks (circle-A, DK's logo, the Black Flag bars, GBH, who knows what else).

Well, now even that little bit of fun has being taken away, once again by the Japanese, who for the past 30 years or so have been busy screwing with everything American that isn't nailed down.

Behold the Visvim "Kiefer Mid Cypher"-- Chuck Taylor look-alikes that come with the cuss words already written on 'em (dutifully swiped from High Snobiety):

When they start mass-producing leather jackets that have the Misfits logo already painted on with White-Out, that's when you'll know we've really gotten too damn lazy.


Anonymous George Patton said...

Fucking japs first Pearl Harbour now Chuck Taylors...we didn't bomb them enough

12/5/06, 6:22 AM

Anonymous quint said...

I recently watched the movie Hoosiers and took note of the Chucks all the players wore in the Indiana State Boy's highschool championship. If you look very closely you can see words like "darn" "dang" and "schucks" written on their sneakers.

Though one of the players from South Bend apparently wrote 'sup mofo

12/5/06, 7:14 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Well, "shucks" is pretty close to "**fuck**", anyways.

12/5/06, 9:06 AM


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