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Saturday, December 09, 2006

This Speech Is My Recital

I regret the day I stole your Quiet Riot record

Since I'm all about ugly jerseys lately, I figured I'd share something I just found the other day using a Google search. It's from a free video news site called, and this is their video segment on the 10 Ugliest NHL Jerseys of All Time:

Click to launch

Each of the jerseys is unveiled one at a time, so after the 10th jersey has played, you have to scroll down to click on the list again to see the 9th jersey, and so forth. I won't ruin the surprise by just printing the list of jerseys here, since Mojo obviously went through a lot of trouble to heighten the suspense for everybody.

The list itself isn't very remarkable, save for the puzzling enunciation of the arrogant narrator doofus describing the jerseys; instead of just talking (which seems to be a problem for him anyway), the guy in the video tries to act out nearly every word with his face. To amuse myself, I started hitting the pause button just to see what stupid expressions would pop up by chance:

Try it yourself and see!


Anonymous alanah said...

Good find, Brushback. I thought 3, 2, 1 were inspired choices... especially #2.

And I actually enjoyed the host guy. Yeah, he's French-Canadian, hence the excessive enunciation. But I thought the delivery sort of worked. :)

However I didn't like the way the video feed was set up. Instead of moving onto the next video, or simply shutting off, it automatically went to repeat the one you just watched. Annoying as hell.

12/10/06, 4:56 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

No complaints that they included the Vancouver Canucks twice?

I thought it was ironic how the narrator dork would describe some of the jerseys as "not really fitting in with the rest of the NHL", yet his descriptions were straight out of Queer Eye-- "a bit too much red", "this shade reminds me of salmon"-- which doesn't "really fit in" with how most rough 'n' tumble hockey fans would evaluate hockey jerseys.

12/10/06, 8:38 PM

Anonymous alanah said...

About the Vancouver jerseys, you've got to be kidding. As someone who's had to look at those things for all these years, I'm surprised we didn't fill in even more spots!

But your comment about the Queer Eye-- angle is probably accurate. Although I don't think you have to be a fashionista to be horrified that the color 'salmon' (read: "pink") is a big part of your freakin' hockey jersey.

12/10/06, 10:38 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

If I were standing around at a game with some friends, discussing hockey jerseys, and one of them said, "Yeah, the Canucks jerseys from '95-'97 have a little too much salmon in them", I'd probably punch him.

But that's just because I'm so freaking manly, I guess.

12/11/06, 11:02 AM

Blogger Doogie said...

Vancouver's first jersey was its best. The rest are all some shade of fucking retarded.

Still no love for the Stan Fischler "fisherman" from the Islanders? I'm amazed that that one seems to be dropping off, of late.

Not getting why dude had to pick on the Lightning's jerseys. I like them for exactly the reason he doesn't: simple, traditional, no muss, no fuss, it's a hockey jersey. Sure, that assy third from the mid-90s, but not the regular one (especially now that they've offed the stylized "lightning" writing)

12/12/06, 1:41 AM


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