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Monday, October 30, 2006

(Trailer) Trash Talkin'

I guess when the folks at the Wichita Thunder and Oklahoma City Blazers (Central Hockey League) aren't busy dodgin' tornadoes, they're busy taking swipes at each other.

From the Wichita Eagle, 10/25/06 (via Greg Rajan's In The Crease):

Penalty Box: To the Wichita Thunder (CHL) front office, for an advertisement that ran in Friday's Wichita Eagle. In the ad, a man with a mullet and a toothless grin, dressed in an Oklahoma City Blazers shirt, is pictured in front of a trailer. The ad copy reads, "The trash is back and they're bringing the trailer park with them."

The CHL called the ad of "questionable taste" but said there would be no action against the Thunder.

Thunder general manager Chris Presson said the ad was designed to attract attention. "But I'd be the first to admit I took it too far. Our intent was to have some good, light-hearted fun with our biggest rivals. But some people were offended, and I do apologize."

When asked if he was worried about a response from the CHL to the controversial ad, Presson said, "No, because the league doesn't pay my bills. I do. I have to do what's best for the Wichita Thunder."

In a gesture of goodwill towards Blazers fans, Presson has announced a "2-for-1" ticket offer for anyone bringing a broken Big Wheel to the Thunder box office.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Damn You, Guillaume Latendresse

Jim Iovino at LCS Hockey points out that Canadiens rookie Guillaume Latendresse has accomplished something this season that no other NHL player will ever be able to match.

Latendresse has taken the one final jersey number to have never been used in an official NHL game:

According to a little-known group called the Society for International Hockey Research, entering the 2006-07 season there was just one number left that was unique in regular-season NHL action. No. 84 had never been worn in an official game, according to those wild and crazy guys at SIHR.

That is until now.

Guillaume Latendresse took the number this season when he made the Montreal Canadiens roster. The big, bruising power forward was a second-round pick by Montreal in 2005 (after being picked second overall in the QMJHL in 2003 after-- who else?-- Sidney Crosby).

However, the 19-year-old winger is pointless and a minus-4 through his first eight NHL contests. So the No. 84 is still a virgin when it comes to scoring in the NHL.

Speaking of virgins-- err, young players with odd numbers-- check out No. 85 of the Florida Panthers. No, that's not the ghost of Petr Klima. That's Rostislav Olesz, a 2004 first-round pick who is in his second season with the Panthers.

And perhaps there's something about the name Rostislav. Rostislav Klesla changed his number this season from 44 to 97. While he said there was no real reason for the change, perhaps No. 44 was bad luck, considering the amount of time Klesla has spent in the trainer's room throughout his career.

Pavel Bure, who came into the league wearing No. 10, switched to No. 96 before the 1995-96 season because... well, just because. He admitted that he wanted to wear something unique for a few seasons and, seeing that there were a lot of No. 10s in the league, he went with 96, which had never been worn in the NHL before then. The meaning of the number has been debated. On one hand, it stood for the month and day he defected to North America (Sept. 6, 1991). On the other hand, it signified the first year he was eligible for citizenship in North America (1996).

Since then, the number has been worn by Tomas Holmstrom (sunshine you, Detroit!), Phil Housley, and Pierre-Marc Bouchard.

Sorry, Pavel, unique has become passé.

So has No. 86. No one had worn that number before last season. But another Canadiens rookie, Jonathan Ferland, donned the sweater for seven games. And yes, he scored a goal.

Ladies and gentlemen, the day of unique numbers in the NHL is over. From here on out, rookies will be hard-pressed to make their claim to a jersey number that they can call their own.

To quote Charlie Brown: Rats!

An Excuse To Buy 'ESPN The Magazine'

The October 23rd issue of ESPN The Magazine*-- barely on newstands now-- includes a 5-page spread on the downfall James Galante and the Danbury Trashers.

The cover blurb states, "Meet The Sopranos of Minor League Hockey", and the table of contents page announces the article as, "SKATING WITH THE MOB. Wise guys, a 'waste management' heir named A.J. and hits galore. No, it's not a Sopranos episode. It's the story of the Danbury Trashers, your average minor league hockey franchise gone bad. The Magazine's contributor Bryant Ursdadt reports."

James and A.J. Galante (Danbury News-Times photo)

I finally tracked down a copy, after checking 4 different stores (and it's not like I live in Iowa or something), and it's a fairly even-handed article. Most of what's included in the article-- the fight with the ref, wiretaps, salary-cap fraud, "no-show" jobs for players' wives, etc.-- is the same ground covered very well by the Danbury News-Times and various other news outlets, in articles that I linked to at the time (start by reading here).

Section 102 gets a shout-out in the ESPN article:

"...sitting in Section 102, a teeming mass of obscenity-chanting fans who like to wave a body bag in the stands when an opposing player got knocked down in a fight. At one triple-OT game, when the players ran out of dry undershirts during the last intermission, the 102 crew took the Trashers shirts off their backs and sent them down to the locker room. Cheered on by their shirtless rooters, Danbury won, 3-2."

Hey, you can't buy that kind of notoriety, though the Sound Tigers sure are trying.

*As opposed to ESPN The Crappy Cable TV Sports Network

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Things Aren't Looking Too Good

An ad for Sony Bravia, from Ads of the World.

I think these next two ads are kinda clever, also-- from an ad agency in Hungary, for some laundry detergent that apparently keeps your dinosaur rock t-shirts from fading (via Ads of the World):

I'm thinking that Dark Funeral would be perfect to have been included on one of the shirts, but then they just don't get the respect from the advertising community that they used to...

Dark Funeral (taken from Top 10 Most Ridiculous
Black Metal Pics Of All Time

Oh well. Death to false metal!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Potential Celebrity Endorsement Opportunity Wasted

Guided By Voices

Voice-Guided OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Sunday, October 22, 2006

You'll Get Nothing And Like It

Al Montoya (Chris Rutsch photo)

The Hartford Wolf Pack were only able to scrape together one goal over two games this weekend, but managed to come up with one win to show for it-- a shoot-out victory in Bridgeport over the Sound Tigers on Friday night. Saturday night, the Wolf Pack lost at home to the division-leading Portland Pirates, 1-0.

Hartford came into this weekend's games ranked dead last in the Massey Ratings-- probably not the most accurate list ever invented, but still an example of how sorry the team's fortunes have been this season.

Friday's game in Bridgeport had a bit of an early buzz to it, as the Sound Tigers made a peace offering (100 free tickets is what I heard) to the raucous Danbury Trashers fans who had previously made the Sound Tigers their sworn enemy.

From the Connecticut Post, 10/20/06:

Sound Tigers Extend Welcome Mat For Home Opener

They're rowdy, they're boisterous, they're sometimes vulgar. They're also loyal, though, which makes the infamous Section 102/14 crowd valuable to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers' goals of boosting attendance and atmosphere this season at the Arena at Harbor Yard. A group of Danbury Trashers fans from Section 102 at Danbury Ice Arena, many of whom migrated from the legendary Section 14 at the New Haven Coliseum, are invited guests of the Sound Tigers for tonight's home opener against the rival Hartford Wolf Pack. Team president Howard Saffan extended the invitation after a recent meeting with representatives from the group, who were displaced after the Trashers of the UHL suspended operations. "They explained their passion as far as rooting for their team and cheering against the other team," Saffan said. "I basically invited them to be a part of us, as long as they understand we appeal to family-fun entertainment."

The group will be camped out in its usual spot behind the visitors' bench. If all goes well, Saffan said — and he'll be keeping an eye on them — he hopes they'll return, along with other fans to watch what could be a strong Sound Tigers team in their sixth season.

Nothing too life-threatening resulted, however, and a thread on the Trashers fans' message board seems to show a relatively mild reaction. One hitch prior to the game, though, was the player introductions getting interrupted three times because the fire alarm kept going off.

As for the game itself, Greg Moore scored the lone goal for the Wolf Pack and also netted the winner in the overtime shootout, with Steve Valiquette in net atoning for his earlier 5-goals-in-one-period loss to the Sound Tigers the week before, as Hartford got their first win of the season.

David Liffiton battles Portland's Simon Ferguson (Chris Rutsch photo)

Saturday night's 1-0 loss at home to Portland was a spirited game, at least, with four fights and more big hits than I've seen in one game in a long while. Dale Purinton and Trevor Gillies fought twice, and Dale still doesn't seem to have the hang of the new visor rule. Most of the sluggers in the league have been getting rid of their helmets quickly when they get into a fight, to avoid injury from the mandatory visors; but Dale steadfastly has been leaving his on, forcing the other guy to try to pry the helmet from Dale's head before he can throw any serious punches. I dunno, maybe Dale's onto something.

The best fight of the night was Hugh Jessiman's, against Ryan Carter in the third period. Carter stunned Jessiman with one hard shot in the middle of the bout, but Jessiman was in control the rest of the way, with his huge roundhouse punching style. Hugh can't seem to keep his feet underneath him when he fights, though, so he ended up falling down at the end, as usual.

Al Montoya played brilliantly against the Pirates, making a bunch of spectacular stops and expecially showing great quickness whenever the Pirates had the puck down low with a bunch of bodies in front of the net. The Pirates' only goal of the game came when Montoya was down in a butterfly stance, protecting the posts as the Pirates were trying to jam the puck home underneath his pads. Portland's Pierre Parenteau wound up with the puck on his stick blade and merely flipped it up over Montoya, who couldn't really do anything about it.

Anyway, just in time for Christmas for you rabid El Montoya fans, there's a new McFarlane-type figurine available:

There also seems to be some sort of El Montoya Christmas album on the market, though I'm not quite sure if it's really El Montoya singing on it or not:

If anyone has a copy, maybe they'll let me know.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Talk Like The Hawk

Hartford Wolf Pack fans have been treated to the "wicky wacky" radio calls of the Chicken Hawk, Bob Crawford, for going on ten years now. Now everyone can experience the Hawk's announcing style-- full of pregnant pauses and every sports cliché in the book, where goals are "tucks" and assists are "helpers", and with Bob's voice rising until it sounds like he's on helium during the really tense moments of games-- thanks to the Wolf Pack's new "10 Years... 1 Mission" web site, which has a full page of audio clips from years' past.

Bob also writes regularly for the Rangers and Wolf Pack web sites, and like I said, the Hawk has every cliché in the book at his disposal. Read and learn:

"He is always game for a tango, and he had some excellent tilts during his time with the Wolf Pack"

"The team could not translate their territorial advantage into notches on the scoreboard"

"The Pack have to be hoping that Stirling will not be able to recreate his anti-Wolf Pack magic on the Pack's northern flank"

"Hopefully that portends a much better second season for the big Nutmeg State product, a super friendly dude who makes it easy to root for him"

"If that's true, it hasn't penetrated the sand surrounding my head as of yet"

"I remember thinking several times during that series that wow, no matter who wins this, neither team should hang their head for a second because they are both absolutely playing their hearts out!"

"The parent Rangers have their 'Czech Mates', and maybe Czech natives Petruzalek and Bahensky can mirror some of that mojo here in the AHL"

"After a two-week, vacation-induced absence from scribbling in this space, I am back in the offseason watchtower, and it has been an eventful span of time since the last emptying of my notebook"

"Montoya did that as well as you're ever going to see anybody do on those two testers"

"Lanky Kazakh (or is that kanky Lazakh?) goaltender Vitaly Kolesnik"

"I think the key factor there is the real plethora of players that are property of the Rangers and the need to have slots for those guys to play"

"His first lamplighter, and it certainly was nice to see the friendly Darien-ite get the monkey off his back"

"Gilbert was so perturbed by his team’s performance, though, he sent them back out for a no-pucks lung-burner"

"He really ups the bang-and-crash quotient of the team, and maybe he could entice the Rangers to keep him for some extra jam on right wing"

"Who has been more of a disher on the Pack man-advantage unit for the most part"

"He recently confirmed for public consumption that he will continue as bench boss for a second season"

"This was a contentious affair after the blowout the night before, featuring several hits that those on the receiving end felt were ungentlemanly, and even a spirited exchange of views between the two coaching staffs at the end of the first period"

"They showed decidedly more collective jump coming out of the gate"

"I'm sure he was miffed, but the 20-year-old showed some good moxie"

"The Pack refused to be cowed by the reversal of fortune... The ship was righted and all would be well. The harbinger of another shift of the tide, however... made one wonder if there wasn't one more karmic shift on the horizon"

"A couple of bits of statistical arcana"

I couldn't find the quote where Bob refers to the Wolf Pack team bus as "the iron lung", but trust me, it's out there.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Islanders Fans Are Gay

...and this sorta proves it:

Click for Islanders Jingle

As an added bonus, I've rigged it so that clicking on the graphic will play the Islanders' putrid new jingle, which is beyond lame. Try it and see!

(Image from NY Islanders Country via The View From Section 317)

The World Is Going To Hell

Yesterday, the New Britain Rock Cats announced that they are changing their logo for the umpteenth time, as well as introducing an entire set of spiffy new hats:

Of course, in the Rock Cats Universe, this isn't just a mere logo change, but a major event akin to stopping world hunger or inventing the Segway or something.

From the official Rock Cats press release:

"The Rock Cats have decided to update their existing primary logo with an adjusted design that more accurately reflects the franchise's dynamic evolution... a daunting challenge to develop a new logo that achieved a visual connection with the Rock Cats' existing identity, yet have it stand out from the many other cat-themed logos that already exist (no kidding)... while the Rock Cats' primary logo may be refreshed and changed for the better, the franchise's on-going commitment to providing their fans with affordable, fan-friendly professional entertainment, has not. Nor ever will."

Christ, all you guys did was move some shapes and colors around. Try not to make such a big deal over it.

Also this week, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers announced that they will be the next team to go with the pink ice gimmick (that's the Kalamazoo Wings' rink, above), along with pink player sticks that will be auctioned off after the game, for a match-up against the Springfield Falcons this weekend at The Corruption Dome. Luckily it's not a game against the Wolf Pack or one that I'd otherwise feel like going to, because I don't think I could look at that ice (or those sticks) the whole night without feeling really stupid.

Thanks, CalderCup0

Of course, if you're talking about being really stupid in general, the Tool World Order has no such reservations.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tool World Order Makes Its Mark

"J-Tizzle 69", leader of the "tWo" (Tiger World Order) and the genius picked by
the Sound Tigers as their Fan of the Year last season (Photo:

Generally, when they throw t-shirts into the stands at a hockey game, the adults have no problem letting the kids have the shirts... except for the other week at The Corruption Dome in Bridgeport where, over a free t-shirt, one fan stomped on a 7-year-old boy and made the kid cry.

From the Connecticut Post:

A New York man was arrested after he was accused of pushing and punching a female college student in a dispute over a T-shirt at a game between National Hockey League teams in Bridgeport's Arena at Harbor Yard.

Edward Dowden, 45, of Rockville Centre, was issued a misdemeanor summons charging him with second-degree breach of the peace.

Police said Sarah Hickman, 20, a student at Sacred Heart University, in Fairfield, reported the attack at 9:21 p.m. to officers in the arena.

Police said Dowden told officers Hickman knocked down his 7-year-old nephew, making the boy cry, when she moved to grab a T-shirt being thrown by an arena staff person into the stands. Dowen and Hickman then started arguing, according to police.

Police said Hickman told officers she didn't mean to hit the boy, while Dowden admitted hitting her after having drunk beer.

Fans complained about Dowden's behavior, police said. "When we detained Mr. Dowden, the entire section of fans cheered," officers wrote in their report.

The incident took place at a pre-season game between the Islanders and Devils.

Gee, I wonder if this is a part of that "Tool World Order" that I keep hearing about.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

3 Games... 0 Victories

The Hartford Wolf Pack still haven't won yet this year, falling to 0-3 on the new season after losing to the Lowell Devils in Lowell on Saturday night, 3-2. Once again, the Wolf Pack couldn't hold onto an early lead, given to them on Ivan "B.A." Baranka's goal with two minutes left in the opening period. Just as they had against Bridgeport the night before, Hartford surrendered a power-play goal in the final seconds of the first period, and Lowell never trailed from then on.

Lauri Korpikoski put up 5 shots on net, and Dale Purinton said from the radio booth that before the game the coaches had asked Lauri to shoot more often... as opposed to spinning around trying to keep the puck for himself, I guess, which he's been doing a lot of lately.

Schoenfeld's quote from today's Courant: "We played a much, much better game. Our defense moved the puck well, we were more aggressive and the power play was a lot better. For long portions we carried the play. It's like that when you're in a hole. You don't jump out of it."

Syracuse's Tomas Kloucek (22) moving the puck against Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (Post-Standard photo)

The Wolf Pack aren't the only team in the AHL that's struggling-- the Syracuse Crunch are 0-4 and have been blown out in each of their first four games, by scores of 6-0, 4-1, 6-1, and 6-3.

One of the writers of the Syracuse Post-Standard keeps a pretty good blog on the Crunch, which I started reading last season after Fedor Fedorov was loaned to Syracuse. These are some of the other AHL-related blogs that I know of:

Skate The Plank (Portland Pirates)
Lindsay Kramer's Crunch Hockey (Syracuse Crunch)
Andrew Ferraro's Aeros blog (Houston Aeros)
Baby B's (Providence Bruins)
The Shark Tank (Worcester Sharks)
Penguins Insider (W-B/S Penguins)
Michael Fornabaio's Soundin' Off (Bridgeport Sound Tigers)
So Very Obsessed (Providence Bruins)
Bears InSight (Hershey Bears)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Knock knock. Who's there?

Lee Falardeau crashes into Wade Dubielewicz (Chris Rutsch photo)

Owen who?

The Hartford Wolf Pack surrendered 5 third-period goals to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers on Friday night, losing 6-3 at home and giving the Wolf Pack their first 0-2 start in the team's 10-year history.

Steve Valiquette started in net against the Sound Tigers, after El Montoya's suspect outing in the season-opening loss against Springfield. For the first two periods, at least, Valiquette showed Pack fans what it was like to have a goalie in the crease who knows how not to mishandle the puck, and on the strength of two goals by Brandon Dubinsky, Hartford jumped out to a 3-1 lead.

I don't know how many people noticed this, but Valiquette was wearing Lokomotiv Yaroslavl socks (from the Russian team that he played for last year), and not Wolf Pack/Rangers socks. If these were supposed to be his lucky socks, then I think Steve needs to catch up on his laundry.

Lauri Korpikoski notched the Wolf Pack's first goal of the night, 11 minutes into the first period, after Bridgeport's Matt Koalska blatantly sat on the puck just outside the crease. The referee let it go, and when the puck popped loose, Immonen fed it over to Korpikoski, who scored.

A few minutes later, Brandon Dubinsky scored by shoveling a nifty back-hander into the net as he swept past the crease. Bridgeport closed the gap to 2-1 when Thumbelina scored with both Craig Weller and Dale Purinton in the box and a few seconds remaining in the period, but Dubinsky led off the second period with his second goal of the night, rifling a laser past Dubielewicz from the left face-off circle after Hugh Jessiman kicked it back to him from along the end boards.

Weller vs. Fata (Chris Rutsch photo)

Craig Weller and Drew Fata fought immediately after Dubinsky's second goal. Weller, who doesn't fight all the time but gets into some big bouts when he does, stood his ground and landed his fair share of shots, but Fata (who lost to Jessiman in the pre-season) wobbled Weller twice with big punches and definitely got the win in this one.

In the third period, it was all Bridgeport. Blake Comeau scored on a power-play a minute into the third, and then Bridgeport tied the game on a bang-bang backdoor play, Drew Fata to Steve "Hey" Regier. Thirty seconds later, Jeremy Colliton scored on a wrap-around that bounced off Dale Purinton's skate and between Valiquette's pads (Valiquette shook his stick in frustration after that one), and then Thumbelina scored again to put the Sound Tigers up, 5-3.

The Wolf Pack pulled Valiquette when they went up on a power play with 3:23 left in the game, but didn't score during the ensuing 6-on-4. Hartford got another 6-on-4 chance when Colliton went off for holding with 16 seconds left, but instead, Comeau scored an empty-netter (his 9th point in two games!) to make the final score 6-3.

Jim Shoenfeld, in this morning's Courant: "It's mostly a matter of players understanding there's no such thing as a little play. You can't make half-hearted attempts, as happened on the third goal where an icing led to the loss of an ensuing draw and Regier's goal. It looks like a little play, but it isn't because the goal tied the game and completely changed the momentum."

One other note: the Wolf Pack are only 2-for-19 (plus a short-handed goal against) on the power play so far this season.

UPDATE 10:35pm - Chris Rutsch sent along the following photo of Steve Valiquette's socks:

If you look closely, you can see the same winged logo that's also on the hem of Lokomotiv's jerseys.

Never let it be said that we don't cover the important news here.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Because Life Is Too Short To Drive Cheap Beer

Thanks to Flak Magazine, I just found out about the Cruzin' Cooler-- the drink cooler you can drive!

The Cruzin' Cooler comes in both gas and electric models, and is capable of traveling at up to 15 miles-per-hour. Big enough to hold a 24-pack of cans along with 8 lbs. of ice, the Cruzin' Cooler retails for around $500 and comes in your choice of five colors.

This is great for people who are too lazy to load their beer cooler into the car. Instead, drive your cooler to the game!

Why bother with those cumbersome child safety seats and annoying seat belts? Fuck, man-- just keep on drinkin'!! Who'll know the difference?

Apparently, they're tougher than a son-of-a-bitch, too. Yeee-hah!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Daryl Reaugh's "Meet the Dallas Stars"

If you don't already check out Daryl Reaugh's Razor With An Edge Dallas Stars blog every so often, I suggest you go over there right now. For a dumb ex-goalie member of the "mainstream media", Daryl spews forth some fairly wild and hilarious stuff, like his report on his trip to Disneyland last year.

Here's Razor from a couple of days ago, talking about this year's Dallas Stars team:

They're two and oh, but beyond that do you really know who this year's Dallas Stars are?

Here's stuff I bet you weren't aware of:

Robidas -- in a former life he was Stephinius Maximus Robidilius, gladiator. (look it up!)
(I did)

Modano -- lists his #1 phobia as "The First Dance"

Morrow -- has two prized but slightly confused bulls back on the farm in Carlyle; Paris and Jessica.

Hagman -- has the largest brain ever measured in Scandinavia.

Tjarnqvist -- his family name translated to English means "useless consonants".

Miettinen -- claims to be a direct descendant of Santa Claus

Lehtinen -- won the 2001 World Air Guitar Championship in Ouhlu, Finland with a dazzling fake rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman"

Turco -- claiming if he wasn't born a boy he wouldn't have had anything to play with, Marty invented a backyard game involving washers, PVC pipe, duct tape and an old wooden box. He calls it Sphincter Toss.

Jokinen -- was the youngest player ever inducted into the Finnish Beach Soccer Hall of Fame.

Zubov -- has turned down multiple offers from John Casablanca and the Ford Agency to hand model internationally.

Ribiero -- is tri-lingual and quadra-sensational (speaks 3 languages, makes plays with all 4 appendages)

Barnaby -- is the national spokesman for Verbal Diarrhea and is currently test marketing a self made sports drink called Urine-Aide

Click here to read the whole thing...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That Dumb-Ass Sweater Isn't Getting Any Better

Click to see back of jersey
Peoria Rivermen (ECHL) Colin Hemingway '04-'05
"Disco Night" jersey

(Exclusive Pro Sports-- click image to see back)

Since my first ugly jersey post from a couple of weeks ago, I've managed to find enough god-awful jerseys-- through people who left comments, or from message boards that linked here, or just from looking around in general-- to make a whole new post.

The first time around I was able to stick with mostly good-quality still photos taken from various jersey collectors' "community" photo galleries, but this time I'm mixing in some live-action (and other random) photos as well. A good many of these were taken from and Again, this is barely scratching the surface of what's out there, so look around, who knows what sort of ugly jerseys you might find...

San Antonio Iguanas (CHL) Halloween Mike Peat '99-'00 jersey

Border City Bandits (CHL) Francis Boulay '00-'01 jersey

Phoenix Roadrunners (IHL) '95-'96 warm-up jersey

Memphis RiverKings (CHL) Jeremy Goetzinger '00-'01 jersey

Richmond Renegades (ECHL) Darren Wetherill '99-'00 jersey

San Francisco Spiders (IHL) '96-'97 warm-up jersey

Here's the "exploding chicken" jerseys that a commenter pointed out in the first post...

Portland Winter Hawks (WHL) '00-'01 25th Anniversary Saturday jersey
Vaughn Street Sports

This is a photo of a "tuxedo" jersey that I found on a message board-- I don't know what team it is:

Tuxedo jersey

Youngstown SteelHounds (CHL) Jean-Francois Labarre '05-'06
St. Patrick's Day jersey

San Antonio Iguanas Scott Green '98-'99 alternate jersey

I think this one's hysterical...

Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees (CHL) '05-'06
"Episode III: Revenge of the Bees" Star Wars jersey


Salt Lake Golden Eagles (IHL) Joe Day '93-'94 jersey
Ziggy Palffy played on this team!

Austin Ice Bats (WPHL) Ken Ruddick '97-'98 jersey

Topeka Scarecrows (CHL) John McCabe '00-'01 alternate jersey
Hot toe-picker!

Tulsa Oilers (CHL) Chris Smith '96-'97 jersey

Austin Ice Bats (WPHL) '97-'98 "Patriotic" jersey
Worn during a special series against the Russians

Quad City Mallards (UHL) warm-up jersey

Orlando Seals (WHA2) Christmas jersey

Laredo Bucks (CHL) Halloween jersey

Laredo Bucks (CHL) '04-'05 New Year's Eve jersey
( still on sale!)

Greg from The Post-Pessimist Association first pointed this one out to me-- last I knew, it was still available on e-Bay...

Spokane Chiefs (WHL) Doug Auchenberg '03-'04
"Armed Forces" jersey

Here it is: a photo of the actual jersey (not just a graphic) that the St. Louis Blues were going to wear as an alternate jersey in '95-'96...

Click to enlarge
St. Louis Blues (NHL) '95-'96 "banned" alternate jersey

Finally, the coup de grâce-- this gets my vote for the stupidest-looking hockey jersey ever. I think this jersey has been posted on every message board known to man.

Quad City Mallards (UHL) '04-'05 "Western" jersey

You got one that's worse?