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Monday, January 01, 2007

Monty's Revenge

Al Montoya vs. Portland 12/31/06
(Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald photo)

Al Montoya shut out the Portland Pirates last night in Portland, 2-0, in a rugged game that saw all 12 players on the rink involved in a first-period brawl, including Montoya and the Portland goalie, Dov Grumet-Morris.

The pushing and shoving started at 6 minutes of the first period when, according to Pack Attack, who was at the game, "about 3 or 4 beats after the whistle, a Portland player took a whack at Montoya's catching glove while the puck was still in it." By the time the scrum was over, Grumet-Morris had skated the length of the rink to challenge Montoya, drawing only a 2-minute minor for "leaving the crease" (the same penalty that Montoya was given).

Garrett Morris

After a miserable stretch in Nov./Dec. that saw Montoya get pulled in two consecutive starts, immediately followed by two consecutive starts where he gave up 5 goals each, Montoya has now posted two shutouts in the past six days. Montoya has allowed only 3 goals over his last 4 starts, winning all four and turning aside 98 of 101 shots he has faced.

Hartford has now moved back into a 6th-place tie with Worcester, and is only a point behind 5th-place Providence. The Wolf Pack and Providence will face each other on Wednesday night in Hartford.

Here are a couple of photos from the Portland game that Pack Attack posted on JokerTom's board:

All 12 players squaring off at once

Montoya (29) and Grumet-Morris tussling in the corner

Also, two more photos from the Portland Press Herald:

Craig Weller tangles with Petteri Wirtanen

Montoya and Dan Girardi defending a backhander by Matt Keith

It's also fun to see that all the newbie Portland fans are now surpassing even the Monarchs fans as far as whining and acting entitled for the 12 bucks a game they spend on tickets...

And now for some bonus coverage of the Jonas Brothers "concert" during the intermissions of the previous night's home game against Manchester, courtesy of some screaming fan-girls who were at the game and posted a whole bunch of videos on YouTube like this one:

If you were there, you can click on the video to re-live the headache; if you weren't there, now you can suffer along with the rest of us who were.

As part of my own little stain on YouTube, I'd like to direct your attention to a new feature that I've added in the sidebar: a link to the YouTube account that I've set up as sort of a companion to this blog, where I'll be posting stuff like Russian hockey videos and cool stuff from a few of the bands that I like, and so forth. I'm pretty happy with all of the stuff that I've posted on it so far, so please check it out!


Anonymous quint said...

Hockey been bery, bery good to me.

1/2/07, 12:34 AM

Blogger Brushback said...


Montoya was selected as the AHL's Player of the Week earlier today.

1/2/07, 4:04 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Here's a video of the goalie scuffle that a Portland fan posted on the web:

Click here

As Wolf Pack fans are well aware, Hartford and Portland met in the playoffs last year, and (as Pack Attack already pointed out elsewhere), the Pirates ran Chris Holt a number of times during that series. That leftover animosity is part of the reason that the games are so physical now, especially since the Pirates continue to take wacks at the Pack goalies.

1/2/07, 8:25 PM

Anonymous G12 has a ice pick said...

Gheez i like the the DOUCHEBAGS caption Montoya fall down because he was he was scared because he heard about the backwoods toothless delivrance types and he was just laying on his back so his ass wasn't exposed.
And i thought the Monarchs fans cryed but these asswipes take the cake.

*Note this is an offical G12 post

1/3/07, 9:02 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

*Note: this is an offical G12 post

As if there was any doubt this time...

Yeah, the Portland fans are out-doing the Monarchs fans now with their bitching and moaning, "We're not going to spend another dollar at a game until they start winning", and all that crap.

I saw the caption that the cracker put under the Montoya video. Sounds like a really knowledgeable hockey fan.

1/4/07, 7:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't you come up here and tell us that to your face, g12

1/10/07, 12:38 AM

Anonymous beatz said...

you all sound like some real fucking tools. how many of you were actually at the game ?

i took that video my name is beatz. i sit right next to the goal judge and ill be the first to admit it wasnt a goal.

and the whacks were not takin to montoya untill he started throwing his blocker around.

1/10/07, 1:15 AM

Anonymous beatz said...

ohh and g12, your right i havent been watching hockey for vwery long only 3 years. my deepest apologies if what i wrote sets you off a little bit, fact of the matter is i could give a shit what the fuck you think.

1/10/07, 1:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
why don't you come up here and tell us that to your face, g12"

Does he really have to drive all the way up there just to tell it to his own face? Couldn't he just look in the mirror?

1/10/07, 2:05 PM

Anonymous cmzqcay said...

Hey anonymous heres your reply !! you ass bandit i was up there and not one of you had a fucking word to say then but the keyboard tough guy posts now.

And nice name beatz whats that short for beatz your meat?
I never said it was or was not a goal jr and i was at the game behind the net maybe if you were not so busy with youtube and sneaking a vidio camera in you noticed me.
hey genius figure out it's a blog and shit thats posted is not serious. talk about getting set off get a life douche.
And before your candyass threats start why dont you come here to kick my ass why do i always have to travel for the ass kicking you all never make good on it anyway.

1/10/07, 2:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so scared...when you're done squeezing zits on your face, come see me. You're so tough behind YOUR computer. PS I wasn't even talking to you, anyways. But you want to take exception; I'll kick all of your asses.

1/10/07, 5:11 PM

Anonymous beatz said...

who said anything about threats ? not i, threats on the internet are worthless and i dont worry much about what people on the internet say, cause they cant back there shit up in real life. you wont get a threat from me cause i simply dont give a shit enough about you.However i do love the fact you call me a cracker i do find that very amusing,but please point out where i labeled you as the culprit of anything ? my second post which was addressed to you simply said you can say whatever you want cause i dont take your words to heart, its just more trash i read on the internet.

and how am i going to notice you ? i have never seen you in my life nor do i need to. your a guy that is on a internet forum that i frequent,we dont like the same teams nor do i believe we have anything in common, what would be the sence of meeting you ?

sorry if my grammer is not all there i wrote this quick.

1/10/07, 6:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey brokeback why don't you take a walk up the mountain with g12 and have some fun.

1/10/07, 6:47 PM

Anonymous G12 said...

Hey anonymous bla bla bla all talk go finish banging your mom or your sister or maybe even your brother you toothless inbred.

Come to think of it your probably one of the piece of shit Whalers fans who live around here, do us a favor go shoot yourself in the face.

1/10/07, 9:26 PM

Anonymous Das Boot said...

Funny i have bonced back and forth between the AHL boards because someone told me about them.
And i have found this blog one question who is Beatz? and who is this Rowdy42? i belive they are from, but anyway this Rowdy42 sounds like someone who lives at home and has no life but being part of that comunity.
And it sounds like Beatz stuck his foot in his mouth and did not like it when exposed oh well what do you expect from kids.
Sounds like they need to grow up and Anonymous sounds very child like haveing a hissy fit.

1/11/07, 6:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey das boot, I'll come put my boot up yer ass too. I'm not a Whalers fan...and I'm not a fan of the Wolfpack either. Or the fans that talk shi+ behind a computer and can't back it up with facts. So keep calling us toothless inbreds and you'll find yourself toothless like us. Keep it up.

1/11/07, 10:30 PM

Anonymous cracker-ass farmboy said...

Yah as soon as i put the cheetos down and turn off the boombox, i'm comin to get your ass

whoever you are!

First I gotta milk this cow tho

1/11/07, 10:44 PM

Anonymous G12 said...

Hey Anonymous you are a toothless inbred i can't help it if your mom is your sister don't get mad at me.
So put up or shut up let me know when your comming down tough guy to back up your mouth.
You all talk shit but not one of say a fucking thing say in person so let me know jr when your comming.

1/12/07, 7:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As soon as you cracker ass fools are done felching each other come on up. We'll B waitin' 4 u. I'm sure your e-penis comments won't back up the ass-woopin' you're gonna take.

1/14/07, 11:56 AM

Anonymous the coach is a drunk said...

Hey son get up off your momma now that ain't nice.
Your teams sucks and so do most of your women i bought a few cheep 2 bucks and crusty chicken mcnugget from the floor of my car.

1/15/07, 1:51 PM


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