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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pack Take Bruins Sitting Down

One hand tied behind their backs: Francis Lessard,
Nigel Dawes, Brad Isbister (Chris Rutsch photo)

The Hartford Wolf Pack continued to inch their way up in the division standings on Wednesday night, defeating the Providence Bruins at home, 4-1. A game that was fairly close (though not particularly well-played from a Wolf Pack standpoint) through the second period and well into the third turned into a rout, with Hartford scoring three unanswered goals in the game's final four-and-a-half minutes.

Al Montoya provided another outstanding effort in net, as he made several key momentum-shifting stops-- the kind that were going the other way against him only a short while ago. Montoya is now 5-0 in his last five starts, with only 4 goals against (126-for-130) in that span, and he seems to have earned back the starting job for now.

Ryan Callahan scored first for the Wolf Pack, midway through the first period, though it was a great play by Brandon Dubinsky on the set-up that deserves most of the credit. Dubinsky froze the puck down low to Providence goalie Hannu Toivonen's left side, holding it long enough to make Toivonen commit to the near post before sending the puck back through traffic to Callahan, who had a wide-open net to shoot at.

Providence tied the score, 1-1, late in the second period, as the Wolf Pack played like a mess through most of the second and third, looking like they could barely get out of each others' way half of the time. Dane Byers did provide one highlight, as he dismantled Jonathan Sigalet in a second-period fight that wasn't even close. Byers sent Sigalet down flat to the ice with a huge punch early in the fight, and then when Sigalet responded by grabbing Byers by the legs and trying to flip him, Byers pulled Sigalet up by his jersey and continued to whale on him some more.

Byers then scored Hartford's next goal, tipping in a shot on a powerplay 15:27 into the third period. Byers finished the night with a goal and an assist, besides the fight, and is now second on the Wolf Pack in scoring while leading the team in penalty minutes.

Target practice for Dane Byers

Only seconds after Byers' goal made it 2-1, Brad Isbister was hauled down from behind on a breakaway (which led to no penalty, for some reason). Isbister was able to send a shot on net as he was being taken down, and Nigel Dawes entered the play only a step or two behind Isbister to jammed the rebound home.

Isbister got his goal shortly after that, on an empty net with 47 seconds left to make the final score 4-1.

#9 Nigel Dawes (Chris Rutsch photo)

Providence goalie Jordan Sigalet continued to sit out with an injured shoulder, suffered in a game against the Wolf Pack eleven days earlier when Francis Lessard ran into him behind the net. None of the Bruins players made a move towards Lessard during this game, however, although there was some yapping going on after the final horn had sounded.

In other news, the Wolf Pack have posted some more videos from the archive on their 10 Years, 1 Mission web site, this time in ready-made YouTube format (which isn't as crisp-looking as the .wmv format the first batch of videos was posted in, but they're slumming like the rest of us now, I guess).


Anonymous A Pack Fan said...

This was the best game I have attended all year!

1/4/07, 10:57 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Honestly, despite the rough patch towards the middle of the game, I thought it was a really fun game to watch, too.

It was one of the few games this year where most of the bounces went the Wolf Pack's way.

[I was just kidding when I said the Pack site was "slumming", by the way :)]

1/4/07, 11:17 PM

Anonymous a pack fan said...

Of course there wasn't a goalie fight and the Pack didn't score 9 goals...but still a very entertaining game. Didn't see the official attendance numbers but I think Damon was close with 120. :)

1/5/07, 12:15 AM

Anonymous Al Victor's nut sack said...

Brushback what game were you watching? the refs hand went up for a penalty when Isbister was hauled down but the play wasn't over and Dawes scored....entertaining the play in second was boaring as was most of the third the pack players looked
the Keystone Cops out there.

1/5/07, 8:56 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

I saw the ref's hand go up, too. And he never officially called the penalty. We continued with 5 on 5. The play wasn't over, we got the goal, Provi hadn't touched the puck. Why wasn't the penalty served? Maybe because it would've been a penalty shot and that's negated if the team scores before the whistle is blown or something?

1/5/07, 11:50 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Here's the official word:

"If the penalty to be imposed is a minor penalty and a
goal is scored on the play by the non-offending side, the
minor penalty shall not be imposed..."

Brushback and I have apparently not encountered this before. I don't like this rule.

1/5/07, 12:04 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I swear I've seen before where a delayed penalty was called, and then the team getting the power play scored before the next whistle, and they still got to go on the power play. In fact, I think I saw it happen against the Wolf Pack once.

Maybe I'm wrong, though.

1/5/07, 12:18 PM

Anonymous quint said...

Hand up; hand down -- does it matter? Hey, the red proved in this particular game that a penalty can be called long after the play has gon on and the puck possession has changed several times to players of different times.

re: is-a-blister's 5 minute major penalty.

1/5/07, 1:25 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Any time a goal is scored on a delayed penalty by the team who stands to get the power play, the delayed penalty is negated.

The only way a team would serve a penalty after scoring is:

1. For there to have been more than one penalty about to be called.
2. For the offending team to have done something after the goal, ie. a cheap shot or unsportsmanlike penalty.

1/5/07, 2:41 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Sorry, I mean to say "The only time a team would serve a penalty after being scored on" not scoring.

1/5/07, 2:42 PM

Anonymous caldercup0 said...

Another situation where the team would still go on the powerplay after scoring on a delayed penalty situation is if they were already on the powerplay...

Example: While Sigalet is in the box for hooking, Rabbit is about to be called for a slashing penalty, if a Wolf Pack player were to score in that situation, it can't wash out both penalties...

1/5/07, 3:58 PM


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