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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shark Fear, Shark Awareness

"Who's wearing the Whalers jersey?" (Chris Rutsch photo)

Leading scorer Ryan Callahan was scratched for the first time all season (word is some sort of strain, or other), but the Hartford Wolf Pack still had enough offense left in the tank to defeat the Worcester Sharks in a 4:00pm game earlier today, 2-1, and run their record on the week to 3-0-1.

The Wolf Pack scored two goals within one minute in the second period, the first on a shot by Greg Moore that seemed to catch Worcester goalie Thomas Greiss napping. Hartford's second goal came on a great effort by Brad Isbister, who won the puck behind the net and then circled around to try a wrap-around against Greiss. Instead, Greiss flicked the puck aside with his stick, only to send it right onto the stickblade of Mark Lee, who jammed the puck home.

Steve Valiquette (Chris Rutsch photo)

Steve Valiquette was much sharper in net than he had been the previous night in Springfield, and he might've completed the shutout if it weren't for his own apparent lapse in concentration midway through the third period. Worcester's Steve Bernier threw a shot on net from the top of the righthand face-off circle that seemed to surprise Valiquette, as the puck bounced off Valiquette and into the net.

The Wolf Pack have now moved into third place in the division, percentage points ahead of Springfield (with a game still in hand over the Falcons) and three points ahead of Worcester.

As for the schlub (actually, a site administrator) on HockeyTurd who posted this nonsense:
You "Wolf Pack guys" crack me up. So far, most of the calls you folks have made have been pretty much off the mark regarding the prospects. Dawes is gonna be such-and-such. Well, while I was willing to give him more game and more ice time for sure, he wasn't exactly all that impressive. And while you guys shit on Pöck, he has performed MORE than adequately when he has been given the opportunity here. "Jozef Balej is destined for Broadway", where is he now?

Same goes for Nycholat. Hartford fans couldn't wait to get rid of him, yet he has 6 point in 7 games with the Caps.

So for you and the others, exactly who have you called that has turned out well, or conversely, who have you said was bad that the Rangers called up that has shown that they are unable to play in the NHL?

Sir, I would lend you a crowbar to help you get your head out of your ass, but you'd probably only use it to pick the bugs out of your teeth. Not to mention that you're completely wrong about what most Pack fans thought of Nycholat.


Anonymous a pack fan said...


Dawes is destined for greatness - as is Ryan Callaghan.

1/8/07, 9:50 AM

Anonymous G12 said...

I have had to read this three day in a row !! i still can't belive you gave Isbister any credit has hell frozen over?

1/10/07, 2:34 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

You're right-- I must've made a mistake.

1/10/07, 11:05 PM


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