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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Deadspinners Get All Hot and Bothered

It's funny how Will Leitch and Deadspin spend a lot of time acting as if they're above ESPN, sports columnists, beat writers, and the rest of the mainstream sports media; yet, as soon as they get a plug from any one of those places, they practically drool all over themselves while mentioning it.

The above video was taken by some random Deadspinner, using his camera phone or something (probably because he was too busy jerking off to hit the "record" button on his DVR). Apparently, some sorry-ass talking head mentioned Deadspin on TV-- a moment so memorable that it had to be recorded for posterity and posted on YouTube for every other dipshit to get all warm and fuzzy over.

Of course, Deadspin jumped on this video and have kept it posted in their top stories section for 5 days straight now. Because what other sports stories have happened in the past week that are more important than Deadspin talking about themselves?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like I always say: There's nothing more insufferable than bloggers blogging about bloggers and blogging.

Which means that both Deadspin and Sidearm come out smelling like ass in this entry.

2/19/07, 9:30 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

You always say that?

Must make for pretty annoying conversation around the dinner table.

2/19/07, 4:48 PM


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