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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hide The Children

In a recent post on Jerseys and Hockey Love, Tapeleg brings to our attention the Rocky Mountain Rage's Christmas jersey, and for that he deserves some thanks, since it is one of the more remarkably hideous jerseys that I've ever seen.

Of course, with me it also begs another question:

Why does the Rocky Mountain Rage mascot look so much like a satantic Ernie?


Anonymous Tapeleg said...

To be fair, that is a pretty crappy look to the guy. But I still don't know what the hell he is. I will fight him. Oh, yes, I will.

Also, when I was posting that, I was thinking how happy I was to get a seriously ugly jersey up there before you did.

2/8/07, 12:37 AM

Anonymous Brushback said...

That jersey's quite a prize.

You even put a little work into it by going to the team store to take the photos, right?

2/8/07, 11:51 AM

Anonymous Tapeleg said...

Yep, sure did. I even went to the post game auction for a moment, just to see if the mascot showed up. It was fight time. The place was packed.

I wonder what they will do next?

2/9/07, 12:54 AM


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