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Sunday, February 04, 2007

There are some issues here...

...and it's not just that Vladimir Vorobiev is getting hardly any votes.

The Hartford Wolf Pack's "10 Years, 1 Mission" site is accepting votes for the Wolf Pack All-Decade Team, but you're only allowed to vote for one player. Not an entire line-up of players (goalie, defensemen, forwards), but just a single All-Time Player.

Of course, this means that most people are going to vote for their one most favorite player-- most likely a forward-- and players like Tomas Kloucek and Lawrence Nycholat, who might've otherwise gotten a ton of votes each as All-Decade defensemen, aren't going to get very many votes at all. Hey, wait a minute-- Tomas Kloucek isn't even on the ballot! That's just wrong.

In any case, here would be my picks for the Wolf Pack All-Decade Team:

Dan Cloutier

Derek Armstrong
Brad Smyth
Ken Gernander

Tomas Kloucek
Lawrence Nycholat

Picked regardless of position (L - R - C), by the way.

I would've liked to have found a way to include Johan Witehall and/or Marc Savard at forward, but it's pretty much impossible to go against what Armstrong, Smyth, and Gernander accomplished during their careers in Hartford.

The most talented player ever to put on a Wolf Pack jersey may have been Mike York, actually, but he wasn't around long enough (5 goals in only 9 total games with Hartford in '98-'99).

And, yes, Igor Ulanov did suit up for the Wolf Pack once (for six games back in '01-'02), but I'm trying to forget about it.


Anonymous G12 said...

We all know Vitali Yeremeyev was the greatest goalie W/ Labarbara and Hinlicka very close to that top spot.

2/4/07, 10:33 PM

Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

You can probably guess what I think about this. No Kloucek for chrissakes?? The poor guy really is blackballed, isn't he?

2/5/07, 9:37 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Vorobiev is getting robbed.

2/5/07, 9:43 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

I can't believe that Richard Scott is that high on the list. The guy was as useless as Dale Purinton, probably moreso. C'mon Vladi the love!

2/5/07, 2:13 PM

Anonymous quint said...

I think the wondeful and highly intelligent posters at hockeybird ought to be asked. I am sure they have definative answers as to who the all-time team should be.

2/5/07, 3:00 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Well, according to the percentages, at least 80 or 90 times when someone went to pick their All-Time Wolf Pack player, they said: "Hmmm, I think it's Layne Ulmer."

Vladimir Vorobiev = 113 points in 121 career games. You'd think that would be enough to put him ahead of at least 3 or 4 of the forwards who are above him in the standings.

The Tomas Kloucek omission is the real puzzler, though. And yet they've got Boyd Kane on there?

2/5/07, 3:09 PM

Anonymous Random Hockeybird Guy said...

WTF Why aren't Brandon Dubinsky and Marc Stall on the ballot? They have more talent than all those other Wolf Pack bums COMBINED!

2/5/07, 3:36 PM

Anonymous G12 said...

I think we need to stuff the Vorobiev ballot.

Andy from the LES is pillow biter

2/5/07, 4:14 PM


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