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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Favorites Dominating Russian First Round; Simpson Chops Down Cherepanov

Reid Simpson exults after felling Alexei Cherepanov

All of the top 8 seeds in the Russian Super League playoffs have jumped out to 2-0 leads in the first round so far (series are best-of-five).

The first round has not been without its share of controversy, however, as veteran NHL enforcer Reid Simpson (playing for Vityaz Chekhov) dealt rookie scoring leader Alexei Cherepanov a supposed cheap shot in yesterday's game between #15 Vityaz and #2 Avangard Omsk, knocking Cherepanov out of the game.

Cherepanov, who surpassed Pavel Bure's rookie goal-scoring record during the regular season, had just scored his second goal of the playoffs when he was taken down by an elbow-to-thigh hit from Simpson. Cherepanov had to be helped off the ice and did not return, while Simpson was given a match penalty and thrown out of the game.

Simpson, who last time I checked was the RSL's leader in penalty minutes this season, had said before the playoffs began that Vityaz would have to play physical in order to win against heavily-favored Avangard. In an interview with Sport Express after the incident, Simpson seemed to sincerely describe his collision with Cherepanov as accidental in its severity; however, the Russian press is calling Simpson a "head-hunter", saying that, after finding his team down, he intentionally tried to injure Cherepanov, and that he acted out in a manner that is typical of Canadian hockey players.

Doing his part to help Russian - Canadian relations, Simpson said, "If they wanted a chess player, they should've called Kasparov."


Anonymous Simon bar Sinister said...

Typical move for decendants of cheese eating surrender monkeys.
Sounds like the 72 summit series all over again
Man do i hate Canadians bunch of poofs.

3/13/07, 11:36 PM

Anonymous Victor Maitland said...

Avangard is sponsored by Roman Abramovich. Probably not a good idea to be hacking away at one of their players.

3/14/07, 9:36 AM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Abramovich may be in a bad mood lately, too, considering Irina tried to take him to the cleaners in the divorce.

3/14/07, 10:40 AM

Anonymous Vasily Zaitsev said...

I shall Snipe this Canadian dog as i would a nazi officer.

3/14/07, 1:23 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Once the tanks start to roll into Flin Flon, those Canucks are gonna know what's up.

3/14/07, 4:46 PM

Anonymous russianhockeysucks said...

meh, we'll probably laugh as they break down like all Russian military equipment. I mean, if the boats don't sink on the way over here, that'd be a miracle. I think the Russian military equipment has killed more Russians then the Nazi (dogs) did, which, if you're counting at home, is a lot.

2/3/08, 2:42 PM


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