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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Green Meanies Get Their Way

From the Hartford Courant, March 21 2007:

New Managers Picked For Civic Center

The state today picked a partnership of downtown's largest property owner and a prominent sports and entertainment company to run the Hartford Civic Center through 2013.

The decision to dump the current operator, Madison Square Garden, throws into doubt the immediate future of minor league hockey in Hartford and the future of the Hartford Wolf Pack specifically. Although a consultant for the authority told the board last week that minor league teams were easily movable and generally available, he also said that MSG was the only bidder who could guarantee a team on the ice for the upcoming season.

Dubi over at Blueshirt Bulletin had this to say: "While the new group wants to keep the Wolf Pack in Hartford, all indications are that MSG does not want to keep their AHL affiliate in a building they do not run... someone here at the Garden just quietly shook his head when the possibility of staying on in Hartford was mentioned."

Of course, over at the Official Hartford Whalers Booster Club message board, they're busy hyperventalting and seeing sighns from God, while the forum moderator is being kept very busy editing every other post because of foul language (though not spelling errors, obviously) and general semi-retarded behaviour.