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Thursday, March 29, 2007

'Lessard for MVP' campaign gains momentum

#11 Francis Lessard (Chris Rutsch photo)

Hot on the heels of yet another multi-point game for Wolf Pack forward Francis Lessard, a campaign touting Lessard (3g - 6a - 247 PIMs) for 2007 AHL MVP has been picking up steam.

I mean, the man's got a ton of offensive flair, and more skating skill than (Dale Purinton + Jed Ortmeyer)³. What more do you want?

click to see full page

Read the "official" Wolf Pack press release (via the almighty Pack Attack dot org)

Read the Manchester Monarchs' hairbrained copy-cat scheme (it'll help, in order to get the joke better)


Anonymous quint said...

Damn pig farmers! They can't be original with anything.

My bet is Lessard takes the honor over LaBarbera. Take it to the bank.

3/29/07, 10:27 PM

Anonymous random woodrow said...

Paint a block of swiss cheese purple, and the freakin' Monarchs fans would vote for it for MVP.

(Once they were all done kicking the shit off their boots, that is.)

3/29/07, 11:14 PM


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